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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. I thought his Brits DID sell though?

    And, yeah, I struggle to see how he can't find work. He must have some contacts in the industry who could hook him up with an office job, experienced or not.
  2. A friend of mine showed Paul and Hannah a flat in Brighton shortly after the group split and said they'd been living in such a bubble they knew nothing of general life skills because they'd been so catered for by entourages and assistants. The things we take from granted like doing laundry and going to the store were apparently petrifying for them.
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  3. Nah the sellers pulled out.

    With the work thing, he could probably easily get a job, but there's this random thing he can't talk about (weird) and the fact he's keeping his face in the media (inadvertently or not) which is probably making getting a real, steady job pretty hard.

    Surely he can get roles in touring theatre? Panto?

    Perhaps his standards aren't matching his level?
  4. That interview is kind of sad regardless. It's a shame he can't carry on with S Club 3. Doing interviews and selling stuff to make money is all well and good but it's not sustainable.
  5. Yeah, why don't they have him on tour with them? I guess if they cant get anymore £ for having the 4th member there's no point?
  6. He may as well do a tell-all book and make a quick buck whilst there's a slither of interest.
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  7. I doubt there'd be interest from publishers.
  8. Was there any drama during their years together that anyone would be interested in? Just the tight-ass money situation.
  9. Marijuana gate! His and Hannah's love affair! Tina and Rachel's feuding!!

    But probably not, no.
  10. He'll probably be offered Celebrity Big Brother this summer. I did feel a bit sorry for him but don't believe a word about The Rocky Horror show interrupting S Club plans and this secret thing he can't discuss.
  11. I'm sure he'd be the first to jump on an S Club reunion, unless the Rocky Horror thing was agreed before the tour.
  12. He probably means/trying to justify why he ain't in S Club 3 no more.
  13. OK so we have a 19-page bestseller so far... His weight gain/loss? Everyone saying he couldn't dance?
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  14. I think his book would do well to be honest because there really aren't any other S Club books out there. There might not be a lot of drama to speak of (although I'm sure Paul will create it), but I think people would check it out.
  15. No-one wanted to publish Keisha from the Sugababes, can't imagine them beating Paul's door down.
  16. He was more forthcoming in NME:

    When I was doing The Rocky Horror Picture Show [the stage adaptation with Diana Vickers, which toured across the UK] a year ago, I was injured in quite a bad way. There an un-choreographed bit of dancing [that went wrong] and someone fell on me. I was out of the show for about two months. My back has gone – it hasn’t been right since. Things just haven’t gone well this year [in terms of finding work] with that injury.


    He should give of those "Have you been hurt at work in an accident that wasn't your fault?" companies a call.
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  17. Those, the pot thing, the not making much money, the in-bitching about people wanting more chances to sing, him leaving the band, his two break-ups with Hannah, a bunch of dirt on Fuller, Jon being gay (if that was ever even an issue), the reunion fiasco and how it wasn't what they wanted, creating S Club Juniors and how they felt about that, the endless bitching about songs being too tweeny (i.e. Reach) and then them shutting up when it became successful, getting one hit in the U.S. and then nothing, missing out on making the movie and drama on the T.V. sets if there was any (I'm sure there was).....

    There's enough there for something. Whether it would be interesting or not, we'll likely never know.
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  18. Sad interview. Tough to watch. Even if Loose Women bought him a shirt there was no need to mention that in the interview. If he was injured on stage, they have insurance don't they? So he must have got a payout which is why he probably can't talk about it....
  19. He should have made more money from S Club. It isn't right to see popstars locked into these unfair contracts. However, his thirst to be on reality TV seems obsessive; it won't fix his problems. It won't. He needs to get a job like everyone else and quite frankly, it won't happen if he's sitting on his arse waiting for Big Brother to call.
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  20. That was just silly. Like he didn't have his own shirt he could have worn... Please.
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