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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Primark is not expensive
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  2. I wonder why Hannah went back to him during the reunion tour if he's like this... She blasted him on Twitter not too far back though so that was a short lived reunion.
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  3. He probably couldn't mention it because he's trying to sue them.
  4. I thought this too, but then he was very non-strategic to specify that the problematic dance move was unchoreographed.
  5. If we believe Hannah they apparently got £600,000 each for four years work. There was seven of them. Yes they could have made more but Simon Fuller did pay them £4.2 million collectively. I presume he didn't get the money for the final year too, but that's his own fault for leaving so he probably got a little less maybe £450,000 which is still a lot of money. Some of them have made that same money go further for themselves and others have gone bankrupt.

    However, to be fair they haven't had the same level of opportunities, clearly Rachel, Jon and Hannah have had the most success, Tina, Bradley, Paul and Jo got next to no entertainment offers after the band or ruined the ones they did have (Jo, CBB) and so have become various formations of S Club Party...
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  6. Rachel struck whilst the iron was hot with her solo career.

    Jo because of her back waited longer and missed the boat. It was released around the same time as Rachel’s second and did so much worse.

    Bradley did quite a bit he did that awful Totally Boyband for MTV.

    The only ones who didn’t really get yhe oppertunitues were Tina and Paul but he really dropped off the planet after quitting S Club and I wouldn’t be surprised if he put a lot of his money into the band he left for. I wouldn’t be surprised if the reality shows were calling back then and they said no at the time and now want to do them. I mean it was 2007 when Rachel did Strictly.
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  7. I noticed on Twitter that he's got the same manager as QUEEN BEE Sandra from Gogglebox and errr Mr Showbiz.

    So I imagine the producers of Zleb BB are having their inboxes battered by his managers aol.co.uk email.
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  8. This I completely agree.
    Rachel did Strictly in 2008, came second although should have won.
    "Rachel struck whilst the iron was hot" sadly not all them were even given a iron...
  9. Which is why Loose Women has to buy Paul a shirt!
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  10. They should've formed an unified front when they were still together to renegotiate their contract. I understand the investors are the ones taking the risk at the start, but after several charts hits, they should've been compensating them more fairly.
  11. I wonder if Fuller having set up the Juniors kinda stopped something like that happening. He'd effectively cast their replacements as their popularity was dwindling so their bargaining power restricting.
  12. Yeah, can imagine him wheeling in the Juniors and standing behind them saying: "If you want to make waves... we can always replace you mwahahahahahahahahaaaaaa."

    Or something far less dramatic involving lawyers n' shit.
  13. Excuse me...this was a proposal? I would help crowdfund it to be published. A two-part tome... first half from Keisha's perspective, second part from Heidi's.
  14. It was in 2010.
  15. He said in an NME interview that none of the reality shows want him because he's not famous enough which is odd considering CBB has had the likes of Kavana and Edele and Shane Lynch in recent years.
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  16. Failed the psychological assessment more likely.
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  17. As if Big Brother give a shit about the psychological assessment given some of the people they've put in there. I imagine part of the reason he's trying to build his profile a bit now is to get on the summer series and it wouldn't surprise me if he does it.

    They'll pay him peanuts though because they know he's desperate.
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  18. So Paul's relisted Brit Award ended at £2700 on Tuesday. Is it just me or is that a bargain? Anyone would be disappointed with that after the highs of £60,000+ in the aborted auctions.
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  19. Yeah, I can't imagine they'd have ever said no to him. He's way more famous than some of their castings and they put Lauren Harries in there, after about 15 years of her auditioning for the civilian show and failing the phych tests. So as damaged as Paul may be, he's perfect for Zlebrity Big Brother.
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