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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Quick singles ranking?
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  2. Don't Stop Movin'
    Bring It All Back
    Two in a Million
    S Club Party
    Love Ain't Gonna Wait for You
    You're My Number One
    Family (SC3)
    Have You Ever
    Never Had a Dream Come True
    Say Goodbye
  3. Ah okay, that makes sense because I have the album re-release. I have been looking for the original release though so it will be worth it I see!
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  4. Ranking Family over the final four? <kandy_ho_-_what_the_fuck.wma>
  5. I really liked Family.
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  6. You're My Number One
    Two In A Million
    Never Had A Dream Come True
    S Club Party
    Don't Stop Movin'
    Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You
    Bring It All Back
    Say Goodbye
    Have You Ever

    You're My Number One has always been my favorite by them. Other than that, this is what years and years of replay has done to me... kind of surprised haha.
  7. 1. Natural
    2. Two In A Million
    3. Alive (would be #1 ifBradley wasn’t lead male vocal and Rachel took Jo’s vocals permanently)
    —- Stronger —-
    4. S Club Party
    5. Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You
    —- Show Me Your Colours —-
    6. Say Goodbye
    7. You’re My Number One
    8. Don’t Stop Movin’
    9. Have You Ever
    —- Bring The House Down —-
    10. You
    11. Family
    12. Never Had A Dream Come True
    13. Bring It All Back
    14. Reach
  8. I would have loved to hear a Paul/Rachel version of Alive!!! Apparently how it was supposed to be originally...
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  9. I was hoping and praying that the original version of Alive with Paul would have surfaced by now possibly on the last version of the Greatest Hits.
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  10. Was it recorded even? I just thought that was the original idea but was scratched due to Paul knowing he was leaving.
  11. Judging by what was said on the behind the scenes of the video, I always took it to mean he was on the vocals originally then he left and things were re-recorded. He still has backing vocals of a couple of the Seeing Double tracks.
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  12. Ok I'll have to give that a rewatch. I think it was Bradley who said that about Paul.

    Yes, I wonder if Paul actually recorded and is on all of the album. He probably blended in so they assume we won't notice... I mean they didn't cover up his adlibs on Let Me Sleep or anything.
  13. There's always this
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  14. I still love 'Alive', takes me back to 2002-2003 instantly. It was the beginning of the end for them and trying to recreate 'Don't Stop movin' was never gonna be easy.

    I don't understand why they don't have a proper VEVO account set up. There's a few vids here but not all of them....
  15. Alive is shite isn't it? I remember even as a kid thinking ugh no this is a desperate attempt to redo Don't Stop Moving but it failed. It sounds so basic and generic I never bothered with the Seeing Double back then mostly as I thought it was just the soundtrack to the movie and would have all the songs I already owned and I was just over them after Alive. I did buy the Say Goodbye single though and mess at me loving Bittersweet and wanting it released thinking it was brand new.
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  16. I agree, Alive shouldn't have been the single. Don't Stop Movin' had happened and was done. I just can't believe how mature Seeing Double is compared to their other albums, and then they pick the copycat song as a single. They had a lot to choose from to advance and grow their catalogue but they want to pigeonhole themselves with Alive. Oh well, they knew they were gonna break up anyway.
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  17. I think they said something like “Paul was originally on the lead but we had to change his vocals.”

  18. at 1.09 mn, Bradley says that Paul was singing the new single.

    You can also hear at some moments the demo version in this video, the same that was used in Viva SClub tv show
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  19. The Seeing Double album never had a chance with Jo's back problems. Such a shame because it is filled with potential singles.

    Whole Lotta Nothin'
    Do It Till We Drop
    Who Do You Think You Are
    Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You
    Let Me Sleep

    all single worthy in my book.
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  20. I have never seen the appeal of Dance or Who Do You Think You Are? As singles, they have a slightly unfinished deal to me.
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