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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Agreed. But they were so heavily promoted in the movie, in real life, and the members loved it so it would have happened.

    Discotheque should have been Tina's moment.
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  2. I can't at people ranking 'Family' above the actual S Club releases....

    Ya'll be crazy.
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  3. I can't at people giving Family a second listen never mind ranking it higher than their hits.
  4. Dead at the kitchen staff member walking out and giving a wtf look to Jo.
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  5. Family is a good song though...
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  6. Is it though....? It's not even at the same level as their b-sides.
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  7. Yeah it is. It's not bad. And their b-sides are better than some of the actual album tracks.
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  8. Does anyone have any of their demos? Some of them (Ie You're My Number One, S Club Party, I'll Keep Waiting, Stand By You) are used on the tv series and sound better than the actual album versions.
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  9. I actually have been thinking this the last few days myself!!

    I'll Keep Waiting is the most noticeable difference to me with Jo's extra vocals in the demo.
  10. So Don't Stop Movin' (the US album) came on my playlist, and they have the radio version of Dance instead of the album version? That was def going to be a single
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  11. Dance >>>>>> Alive Don't Stop Movin' 2.0
  12. The radio version was featured on the Alive single and there is zero difference between the two versions.
  13. I don't think Dance is that much like Don't Stop Movin'. I actually have never really cared for Dance though.

    Hmmm that's odd both versions are the same. They probably cut out one millisecond of it or something dumb.
  14. That is my favorite artwork of all the albums. I still have my shelf of CDs in my room and the spine has all 7 of their faces. It's the most noticeable as the colors shine.
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  15. That's really unfortunate for G.R.L to be reduced to that. Bless them.
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  17. We were looking through a sack of old family photos a couple of days ago, and I couldn't help but notice in the background of one were VHS boxsets of the S Club 7 TV shows! I completely forgot I had them as a kid and it made me sad that I no longer have them. I'm not sure where they've ended up, haha. I'd totally hook up a VHS player to re-watch them.

    Are the series online at all?
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