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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. That seems so incredibly shady. Did other bands have similar arrangements? I knew they didn't make much money but hadn't realised exactly how much they lost out.
  2. It’s because the Spice Girls bailed on him, I imagine. He made sure that wasn’t going to happen ever again.
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  3. They could beef it out with Jo's bad back, Jon's sexuality, etc?
    What I would find interesting would be hearing about being carted off to the US with strangers, essentially, and so much focus being put on that market, but never really making it.
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  4. While they were in Canada last week, Tina shot some promotional videos for some potential new solo music releases.
  5. I shouldn’t laugh but god loves a trier!
  6. If they’re as appalling as this:

    she can keep them!!!
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  7. More Queena releases to add to her Greatest Hits? I am truly blessed.
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  8. Sorry to drag this up but I'm interested to find out if there was any reaction or statements from the other members during Jo's appearance on Big Brother?
  9. Why did Teenah wait so long to do anything solo? She apparently had interest, that Moon Child song is apparently epic.
  10. It's a shame how negative some members are on here about the group! Give them some credit, they didn't receive their millions like Steps did, so they've got to do what they've got to do.
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  11. They were so good back in the day and made good happy music . But they have ruined themselves with the bitching and line up changes
  12. She worked with William Orbit!
  13. I don’t think it’s as black and white as just being negative for negative’s sake - it’s just disappointing that they’ve been reduced to having to make do with doing gigs at Butlins when they should have been treated well the first time around and be doing a 20 year reunion with a good tour and perhaps a new album to go with it by now.
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  14. I mean, they clearly enjoy what they are doing so let them get on with it. They don't owe us anything (in terms of another reunion). It wasn't the best success last time around and I would imagine if the 3 who are doing these gigs are making a decent profit from it then why not. I wouldn't mind rocking up at a venue, having some drinks, singing some songs and then getting paid £950 each or whatever it is for the pleasure. They no doubt earn more than any of us in our day jobs and have a hell of a lot more fun.
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  15. He uploaded the track years ago they did together
  16. Fire low key slaps though. I’m here for more Queena, the ageless queen.
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  17. Just noticed that this performance from Party in the Park 1999 is the demo/earlier version of 'S Club Party'. Some different adlibs, slightly different production and no key change.

    Seems to be the one used in that promotional video.

  18. Hannah so ecstatic and grinning from ear to ear in this performance, it’s so cute.
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  19. I hope some day we get that demo version.
  20. If they're as appalling as that, she can absolutely post them for us to enjoy. FIYUHHH.
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