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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. I really love 'You' but definitely see how the group would have felt it was regressive. Paul should have held on for the 'Seeing Double' album since that definitely a more mature sound for them.
  2. Then we would have gotten his version of Alive as well.
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  3. I Feel The Earth Move Alive is their only weak single.
  4. upload_2019-9-11_15-34-30.png
  5. Why do they all look like Sims in that photo used for the interview?
  6. And You, don’t forget You.
  7. I love you and You.
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  8. That article has 1998 all over it - didn't they launch (musically) in '99?

    Love that the writer is all "I was 7 when they came along..." and I'm like I was 21.
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  9. I'm not sure what I would consider their worst single but it ain't You or Say Goodbye. I actually prefer Say Goodbye to Have You Ever.

    on a side note, Viva La Fiesta was/is a bop.
  10. Have You Ever is better than Say Goodbye though
  11. 27 and bopping eek
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  12. gas


    In fairness, I believe the "S" stands for the 19th letter of the alphabet -- from 19 Management.

    But in this paradox, I was today years old when I realized that he probably got 19 Management from the S in Simon.

    Mind blown.
  13. I was listening to the Greatest Hits yesterday and they were so brilliant. I think Alive is undoubtedly their worst single (are they even singing on the chorus?). Even that's still a bop though.
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  14. Somehow I manage to hear the version of Alive with Rachel doing the lead first and now the official release never sounds quite right to me.
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  15. What's with the official montage video for Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You being erased from existence? Or is it just me who can't seem to find it?

    I used to love watching it, it was like the perfect compilation of their time and journey together, and all the clips they used were really well picked.
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  17. Thank you! I don't understand why it's not uploaded as an official video on their YouTube page like the others?

    It's such a great watch, a complete nostalgic trip down memory lane. All of those images of their TV shows and music videos are embedded in my brain. They were such a huge and happy part of my childhood.
  18. Also, Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You is such a bop.
  19. They were stupid not to title their Greatest Hits 'S Club Heaven'.
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  20. I can't believe Paul is going round saying the relationship with Hannah was contractually obliged and forced?

    The fact is Hollywood 7 had them in a relationship at one point and as a result of that they ended up in a relationship themselves...it happens all the time on tv shows and Strictly...

    oh and 'You' was f*cking fantastic, one of my fave singles by them. Street cred really? Never gonna happen mate. Love Don't Stop Moving' too..
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