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S Club Juniors/8

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AllStar7, Feb 5, 2013.

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    I wanted to make a seperate thread from the S Club 7 one. This is the former band of Rochelle Humes and Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays. Was anyone else a fan of their two amazing pop albums, Together and Sundown?
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  2. I loved the Juniors, both albums are superb pop albums.

    Always liked that they pinched songs from both Girl Thing and Lolly, two of my other loves.
  3. Oh, I didn't know that! Which songs were those?
  4. I loved them. I have both their albums but I never actually listened to anything on them apart from the singles. Even my love for Frankie and Rochelle hasn't tempted me to revisit them yet.

    Also, I used to be in love with Calvin.
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  5. I would definitely recommend listening to them, they're both quality pop. Specific album tracks:

    Feel The Beat, Wherever You Are, Anytime Anywhere (from the Together album)

    Love To The Limit, Searching For Perfection, Big Fun (from the Sundown album)
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Feel The Smash / I Just Came To Smash
  7. From Aaron's Instagram:

    Three weeks ago, with Jay, Daisy and Stacey, when they did a concert together.

    Seven weeks ago, with Frankie, Rochelle, Hannah and Jay.

    I liked them, if never as much as S Club 7. Especially their first single (One Step Closer) and their last (Don't Tell Me You're Sorry). Their albums were OK. I was a bit disappointed when they disappeared, even if it wasn't surprising that they did.
  8. 'You Are The One' from Together, was originally called 'From All Of Us' and sung by Girl Thing,

    'Here We Go' had altered lyrics but the same music as 'Ti Amo' by Lolly.
  9. Oh, and the less said about I Dream, the better.
  10. They really had a flawless singles run, didn't they?
  11. Apart from Puppy Love, yes.
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  12. Automatic High was kack as well. Rush from the Sundown album was maybe a missed opporunity.
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  13. This is probably an unpopular choice but the single mix of Don't Tell Me You're Sorry is my favourite single of theirs.

    I really liked them I always wished S Club 7 had kept some of the songs for themselves.
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  14. 'New Direction' was the most obvious S Club 7-single-that-wasn't. It would have been far better than the 'Don't Stop Movin' pastiche that was 'Alive' (not a bad song but the production seems to let it down and at times it doesn't really sound like S Club singing...). Lucky Juniors to have hung on to it...
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    Aaron is really good looking now. That's it, really.
  16. I guess in hindsight it's surprising how successful they were and how long they lasted, although it's a bit sad none of them went on to bigger and better things. Whatever happened to Calvin's solo career?
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    He was in that awful CW television series about "Africa", that's all I know.
  18. I don't think that it is them singing a lot of it. Jo was having issues with her back when Alive was recorded though why the others couldn't do the backing vocals, I don't know why. A Rachel Stevens lead version was recorded but then Jo was available and this was scrapped.
  19. Ooooh I love these guys (still), I remember watching the show that made them on CBBC and wishing it was me haha! I also fancied Calvin and had him as my mobile background... I was much more into them than I ever was with S Club 7. I loved all their singles bar Puppy Love. Big Fun was great too.
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    i'm just gonna say it aaraon os hotttt
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