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S Club Juniors/8

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AllStar7, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. I'm basic
  2. Remember when he released a calendar and someone here thought they were free.
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  3. I just realized that all of the girls in S Club Juniors have kids now!

    Also, I used to think Stacey had a lovely voice but... it just never developed. Rochelle has improved so much and would’ve snatched all of her solos these days.

    I actually think Calvin deserved a solo career. He was the heartthrob of the group and was signed many times but it just never happened for him.
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  4. He is good looking, there’s no denying that.
  5. If you live in Heat magazine circa 2003.
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  6. Ok, sure.
  7. Not being biased in any shape or form, but Aaron Renfree is both hot and completely arrogant (in the best possible pop star way of course).


    I remember having several (ahem) intimate moments with Aaron Renfree over several periods many moons ago after he had broken up with his then boyfriend who had gone on to appear in Hollyoaks. So yes he is very hot indeed.

    His ex used to be part of a band (two guys and two girls I think) that got down to the final stages of X Factor but were booted off at the judges houses - I remember Louis not choosing them on the top of a LA rooftop.
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  8. You can simultaneously think someone is good looking and not be attracted to them.
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  9. Not you in good taste shock!
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  10. He's not ugly. There's a ton of guys that look like him, though.
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  11. It's 17 years since One Step Closer was released this week. SEVENTEEN YEARS.

  12. One Step Closer had no business being such a bop considering it was the debut single from a band that was formed on CBBC.
  13. I know they were kids but the dancing...

    The song remains an absolute banger.
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  14. One Step Closer
    Don’t Tell Me Your Sorry

    absolute bops which SCJ were more successful
  15. I remember "One step closer" coming out around the Queen Mother dying and joking that S Club Juniors were going to do a promo spot at the funeral, purely for the lyric, "One step closer to heaven baby means one step closer to you" and that they were not going to alter their happy dancing routine for the funeral.

    Despite it being somewhat distasteful, it was also a proud moment for me and my (potentially first) original joke.
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  16. Rochelle already killing them vocals at such a young age.
  17. She sounds so developed compared to everyone else. I wonder why she barely got any solos.
  18. Racism?
  19. Stacey got the most leads alongside Frankie and Calvin... and she’s also black and white.
  20. Yeas but Stacey is / was passing as white. As you said, why didn't they utilise Rochelle more when she was the best singer and dancer? It's not wild to think management preferred to spotlight the other members. Anyway my comment was half joke / half... not.
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