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S Club Juniors/8

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AllStar7, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. At least Rochelle got more vocals than Hannah! She was the......well, Hannah of S Club.
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  2. Now that was tragic. They could have had her on some ad lips or some album tracks. Cruel.
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  3. You lost credibility when you said she was the best dancer.
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  4. I love how even in the only live performance the Juniors did. Rochelle still did her stop dancing to hit the money note bit.
  5. Hannah 7 got some lines/sections/verses (covering my back before someone comes for again) at the very least! Hannah 8 only got a small rap on a song released with a magazine and a verse to a b-side!
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  6. Did Aaron get any lines?
  7. He had a line in I Come Alive from the first album but that was his sole contribution. He also had some stuff in Rush and potentially alternated the odd line with Calvin in I Just Came To Dance. From memory, he could have featured on Wherever Your Heart Beats too?
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  8. I’ve always found it funny that Frankie was the lead singer in S Club but in The Saturdays she just... wasn’t.

    I absolutely got my life to that One Step Closer performance, thanks for the memories.
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  9. I remember learning the harmonies to One Step Closer due to the TOTP performance.
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  10. I do find it highly entertaining (and impressive) that they sang live, whilst their predecessors never did this.
  11. They were made to as the guy who produced TOTP at the time hated the very idea of them and said he wouldn't allow them on unless they did it live.
  12. Stacey and Rochelle really brought it with that performance.
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  13. Rochelle basically sang lead on Fool No More.
  14. I love stumbling across rare live performances from earlier noughties popstars. Never forget the immaculate vocal talents of Rachel Stevens:
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  15. She does have her own thread though!
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  16. Sundown still remains a bop
  17. I bet she was aware of the negative press around her constant miming and wanted to sing live for once, especially for her last promo slot of her solo career, probably a f*ck it moment including the new bob here that first appeared there...

    I mean she had 2 top 10 singles and one that went in at 12? Now days that would be a HIT!

    The Rachel Stevens solo career was alright....half a million records sold all in all, 5 Top 10 singles (LA Ex, More More, Some Girls, Negogiate With Love, So Good) and a top 10 album.
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  19. That Rachel performance was actually good. Shame she wasn't able to prove herself earlier.

    Lisa Scott-Lee even did her Lately TOTP performances live!
  20. I didn't used to care for Don't Tell Me You're Sorry as a teen but it's aged so well and was quite mature for them in hindsight.
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