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S Club Juniors/8

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AllStar7, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Unless he hears that he was slagged off by Aaron...but fingers crossed
  2. Having listened to One Step Closer the other day for the first time in ages, it dawned on me how morbid the lyrics are for a kids band when you really think about them:

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  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Now I wish a Frankie solo career actually happened.
  4. I think Frankie shines best in a group setting. Calvin could’ve made a decent solo attempt back in 2006/7.
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  5. Who knew there would be so much drama in the S Club Juniors??

    Loving the interviews, great idea
  6. I just watched most of that instalive and I love how honest and open Aaron was, especially in regards to Calvin. I thought he was really diplomatic about it all. Lovely to see that most of them are still on good terms too. I really hope someone can flip it around and interview Jay because I'd love to hear more of his stories/thoughts.
  7. I enjoyed Aaron's conversation. I'm surprised Calvin agreed to even be part of this interview series, especially in light of Aaron's comments.

    I'm gonna need a 7-part Netflix mini series depicting the life of the Juniors and all the drama.
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  8. Calvin comes off.....not that great. Assuming Daisy is gonna bring the tea about From Above. That should be interesting.
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  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm perched for Hannah's interview. Hopefully that's later.
  10. Was Hannah ever given a line or anything to sing on? I can’t remember what she sounded like.

    It would be interesting to hear her take on why she featured so little. I know she was one of the youngest so perhaps it was a confidence thing?
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  11. Didn’t she sing something on Sloop Upside?

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  12. She sings on Here We Go, a track made available on a free disc with their magazine, basically a cover of a Lolly song.

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  13. She also has a small part on Wherever Your Heart Beats, which was the b-side to Sundown. This is the only version I can find on YouTube, apologies!

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  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Didn’t Simon Fuller say he wasn’t gonna work with the band if Hannah wasn’t involved?
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  15. Obsessed with this description of "Dreaming" on its Wikipedia page.

    Frankie Sandford sings the whole song along with Calvin, plus solo backing vocals in the intro and during the bridge. Calvin Goldspink sings the whole song along with Frankie.
  16. Oh my, that's hilarious.

    That song for a "duet" is weird. Frankie does the intro solo, the verses they both sing everything together. Then on the chorus I have no idea if it's Frankie, the other iDream people, S Club 8 people or just uncredited people.

    Ok so I just put the song on. Oddly on Amazon it only credits Calvin as the named feature. He is barely audible on the verses. I think the chorus is Frankie's vocal blended with some other vocals. Oddly some of it sounds like Mollie King.

    The whole iDream credits are weird. It's always iDream featuring whoever is singing on it. Not sure why they did it like that.
  17. I heard this as well. He must have spotted some star (background dancer level) quality in Hannah to insist that she was in the band.

    I'm actually surprised how humanely Simon Fuller treated S Club Juniors in general, given how overworked S Club 7 were. I guess those child labour laws were good protection for the Juniors.
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  18. Apparently Hannah was the only one who knew how to harmonise, and that is why he insisted she be part of the group.

    I'm troubled by the fact I retained that piece of information, but forgot why I walked into the kitchen...
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  19. Funny how Hannah was demanded into the band and then the least utilised!
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  20. I just saw Daisy’s interview. She said the other juniors had no idea that Frankie and Calvin were releasing ‘Dreaming’ by themselves.
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