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S Club Juniors/8

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AllStar7, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Frankie and Jay’s chat was probably the best of the four we’ve had so far, there felt a real chemistry there and Frankie being more used to being interviewed helped I’d imagine.

    No major tea, but it was interesting to hear Jay being honest about his hostility towards Frankie and Calvin being the lead and her anxiety and worry about her being upfront made the others feel.

    She also said Simon Fuller asked her and Calvin to be a duo post ‘Dreaming’ but they refused.
  2. The biggest thing from the interview for me was that they all had to audition for their roles on I dream - intentionally dispelling the concept that they were still a band.
  3. I can’t see a situation where they would have had only 6 or 7 out of the 8 though. Aaron had less time during the show because he was doing his GCSEs but there’s no way they would have just done it without him.
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  4. Really enjoyed hearing Frankie acknowledge that she got more vocals in S Club Juniors than she did in The Saturdays.

    She’s very lovely, although I was surprised that she kept saying the f word!
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  5. From what I gathered, the auditions determined how much screen time each member would get
  6. That's not saying much, everyone's acting in the show is shoddy that I mostly blame on their age and inexperience, especially Frankie and Calvin. They clearly went with the "Who will likely appeal most" and called it a day, just like they did with the band the first time. But then again it might have just been the direction cause Christopher Lloyd isn't exactly giving Oscar levels of acting either, haha.
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  7. I’m really loving these chats, so can see Jay using this as a way of putting a presenter showreel together.

    I loved hearing from what you guys have said but also the funny stories, like pretending they were kidnapped! I can only imagine the panic that all the adults would have gone through and how pissed off they would be after!

    Something that was touched ever so slightly on was how the parents dealt with the distribution of vocals. I imagined parents turning against eachother.
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  8. Yeah I rather enjoyed Frankie’s chat.

    I’d also like to hear about their relationships immediately after the group.

    I remember Stacey saying after the group ended the management said they would contact them with more opportunities but they never did.
    They did however call in Frankie and Calvin.
    Did the others know about that?

    Someone in the thread also mentioned that some members performed together at a college after the group. Do we know anything about that?
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  9. Haven't watched Frankie's interview yet, am still halfway through Daisy's. But I was lowkey stunned when she said they didn't know Dreaming was a single and they were completely surprised when Frankie and Calvin showed up on Top of the Pops.
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  10. I guess Calvin is not doing the conversation?
    2nd July - Hannah Blackford
    16th July - Rochelle Humes

    Maybe between Hannah and Rochelle?

    I really enjoy watching the conversations.
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  11. They may not have settled on a date yet.
  12. I absolutely love this format and I hope other bands realise now is a great time to build some interest in their stories. It’s been so lovely to see how genuinely connected they all seem so far and a broadly positive fun experience they all have had.

    I’ll be very disappointed if Calvin doesn’t do one- I think it will reflect badly on him to be the only one not to have a chat but I think he has a unique point of view to offer. Jay has positioned all these conversations really well despite any history so I hope the negative points of view from the likes of Aaron don’t prevent him taking part.

    It’s just sooooo insightful in a way I’ve not seen with other pop bands and I’m not really a fan- the fact another band member is navigating the conversation means you get memories that are truly personal. Love it.
  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Frankie really comes across lovely. Jay like.. he's not showing all of his actual thoughts/feelings.
    I particularly liked/was intrigued by the part of 'once you were huge in a band everything else feels like a failure'. Heard this before when I did a documentary on a defunct pop band and it makes so much sense but also feels so sad how you feel like you reached such a high so early in your life nothing after it will come close? Oof.
  14. For those who are interested in these chats, Jay is speaking to Hannah tonight and then Rochelle next week.

    I’m intrigued to see what Hannah says as she probably is the most elusive member. I don’t really know anything about her then or now and arguably was given the least to do, did she even get a solo? So I wonder what her take on it is.
  15. Good for Hannah - being happy with who she is.
  16. Hannah’s chat was so pure and lovely, and there was something so sweet about both Aaron and Stacey appearing in the comments to support her.

    She seemed so content and happy, which seems so rare these days, what a lovely girl.

    oh and tea, Calvin has ignored Jay’s messages and isn’t taking part.
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  17. Time for a S Club 7 then.
    At this stage I no longer care about him Taking part or not anymore.
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  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Did Hannah have anything to say about her lack of vocals and how Simon Fuller recruited her?
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