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S Club Juniors/8

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AllStar7, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Oh my goodness! My mind is blown.
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  2. Island

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    Off Topic, but the Sophie Monk album is a decent slice of Naughties Pop if you wanna give it a go.
  3. I've just been reading up on it on Wiki and I'm finding it hilarious that you have songs like Step Back To Love mixed in with Pie Jesu and Ave Maria.
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    Haha they're just interludes to flex her "operatic" abilities that was talked about in the press. The one ballad, One Breath Away, that was meant to showcase her vocals is actually the worst song on the album ddd.
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  5. It was also "covered" by Simon Fuller's US attempt to recreate S Club Juniors.


    I didn't realise how low budget and amateur this was. It's certainly looks less polished than S Club 8's version.

    I suspect the songwriters pitched the song to numerous manufactured entities as a viable song (S Club 8, Sophie Monk, The Preluders). The entities and general public were blissfully unaware until the internet came along.
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    I kinda love it when that happens. For another example, Billie Piper's The Tide is High and Martine McCutcheon's Every Time have basically the same backing track.
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  7. As does a Rachel Stevens tracks ‘Fools’ from her first album and a Christina Milian track from her Sophomore! Backing track is identical!
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  8. The Tide Is High is an 80’s cover from the Bangles. Hear’say did it also with Pure & Simple and Girl Thing.
  9. Does not help that during the live performance portion of the show, the kids sang mostly S Club songs lol.
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  10. The Bangles had nothing to do with The Tide Is High!
  11. I think you're thinking of Blondie. However it's actually by The Paragons (released in 1967) and has been covered a number of times, notably by Blondie, Billie Piper and Atomic Kitten among others.
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  12. Same with Robert Miles’ One and One and Belinda Carlisle’s In Too Deep. And Jamelia’s Superstar. Infact there are loads of other tracks that are shopped around and then recorded by local artists
  13. Island

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    Ddd I know Billie’s isn’t the original but the backing track on her version is practically identical to that Martine track.
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  14. gas


    I think these were a round of the German "Popstars" band.
  15. People have been on Popjustice for decades and do not know and love the Sophie Monk album? Jail.
  16. Yes! Blonde, why did I think it was The Bangles?
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  17. Maybe mixing up with Eternal Flame?
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