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S Club Juniors/8

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AllStar7, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Such a shame, was a decent little compilation for the fans, especially the extended intro for ’Sundown’ and the superior single version of ‘Don’t Tell Me You’re Sorry’.

    Obviously the record labels did not wish to be the Fool No More…
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  2. This whole “who done it” over S Club Juniors tracks is.. messy. I don’t see the warrant for a situation like this and I don’t get how invested people can be essentially boot licking the labels? I don’t understand the pure possessiveness over these tracks. I feel like since the beginning of time the S Club fandom have always been a bit standoffish and clicky.

    RIP the fun bops we had. It was nice while it lasted.
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  3. Rob


    I don't understand why you'd be such a dick about this and just make life difficult for the 10 fans who would have been interested in hearing these. Thanks.
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  4. Wasn't the compilation the first time that some, if not all, of their discography had been available in a lot of places for streaming and download? So... that really sucks that someone had to spoil it for everyone.
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  5. I'm sorry you are so complicit in illegal activities..... There are reasons that 19/Polydor/UMG/XIX do not have these tracks online..... it is not OUR business to make them available and physically steal profits from material they do not own.

    And any of the "10 fans" would own the albums where they could rip the music to their own iTunes.

    Soo..... your argument is invalid.

    Good day!
  6. Said profit being a grand total of 3p max.
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  7. 3p having and 3p not having are two different things.
    If you go hold up a gas station and you only make it out with 3p doesn't make it any less illegal.
  8. But, like, why do you care so much.
  9. Just because it's technically illegal doesn't mean anyone in their right mind is going to put themselves through the hassle of reporting it.
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  10. I’m convinced Dale is Calvin at this point.
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  11. Would you mind sending an email to them asking to make the Sundown album available on streaming worldwide, a totally legal activity? Because now we’ve been robbed of that, as well.
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  12. I will most certainly get your request right on over!!

    So if you see somebody robbing a gas station... and you knew who it was.... you wouldn't report it? That says a lot about you as a person!!

    Because.... being wrong.... is wrong? I don't understand what you guys don't understand about that?
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  13. Round and Round we go…

    Round and Round again…

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  14. I mean, the gas station I work in was robbed while I was on nightshift on Friday and we never reported it. We left a note to management to let them know why we were short on some stock and got on with our lives.
  15. Serving

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  16. This is valid.
  17. Nah I reckon Rochelle. She’s got her TV presenting gig and baby shampoo brand to protect.
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  18. Regardless of who Dale is, the conversation is constantly dragged back to the same point and is becoming rather repetitive and almost argumentative in responses that is not needed on a public forum.

    If someone’s has beef with somebody, slide into their DM’s but stop airing laundry in public that is dirty and rather unpleasant.
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  19. I ask myself the same thing, because so many unreleased/demo tracks make the circuit round the S Club fandom. Are we gonna pop a 911 then too? Like, where is the line drawn/why is it easy for people to report this and care so much about this but have so much music in their own libraries that they're not supposed to have like, at all?? That's not limited to one person either. You can't pick and choose when you want to be ethical and then have some hidden stash of tracks- it's so backwards.

    Honestly perplexed and shocked that the S Club Juniors made such a stir.
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  20. upload_2021-8-30_21-16-26.gif
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