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S Club Juniors/8

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AllStar7, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. It is sad that I can no longer bop to "No way I take this apartheid" in "Searching for Perfection".
  2. Erm, could I get the zippyshare link? xoxo
  3. Sundown is still on streaming though? It got added last year I believe. It’s still there for me on Apple Music and Spotify. All we’re missing is b-sides and remixes - same with S Club 7. I hope that eventually gets sorted.
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  4. This thread is so fucking funny ddd are these bands even real.
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  5. Should any reunion occur, then they need to ensure Rochelle and Frankie are involved purely for the media attention it would bring…

    …if they could sneak in Mollie too, that would be the icing on the cake!

  6. there’s a huge difference between having things that have leaked and downloadable on the internet and submitting those downloadable items and putting them on streaming sites worldwide. They were physically earning money.. whether it’s 3p or $50 or whatever denomination people were profiting off work of the juniors and I really can’t believe this is so hard for so many to comprehend.

    It’s funny because when all this happened a few weeks back I was being attacked because “if the label cared they would have it taken down”…. And now they’ve taken it down and now I’m a monster because I reported it alley based off the fact I don’t agree with fans illegally adding things to streaming. That is what is perplexing.
  7. I...I think what you want is a Saturdays reunion?
  8. I mean, I am not going to say no, but if the likes of Rochelle, Frankie, Aaron, Stacey, Jay (and Mollie) wish to form a new S Club, then hey, I’ll be there…
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  9. Can we get @Dale in that lineup?
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  10. S Club Saturday’s track list…

    One Step Closer Up
    Automatic Higher
    If This is Puppy Love
    Don’t Tell Me Your Not Giving Up
    All Fired Up in a New Direction
    Sundown (Notorious Mix)
  11. I should have bought it while I could. So sad it's gone from iTunes...
  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I never thought S Club 8 could cause so much controversy in 2021! The more you know.

    I think this thread could use a cool down for a day or two. Thanks!
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  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I would actually argue that having those stolen tracks on your hard drive is worse than an upload of questionable legality onto Spotify since those stolen tracks have probably exchanged hands on the internet for thousands of dollars along the way. I've seen what people have paid for their own "special" collection of bootlegs.

    Anyway, here I am , after reading over 10+ pages about S Club 8 to piece together exactly what happened and well, everything kinda sucks. Yes, its wrong to upload other people's work. Yes, it's also unfair to fans with less access to an artist's work to petition to remove (in the listener's perspective) music that they may not have been able to enjoy and are delighted to see it up on streaming. Personally I always lean toward saying "fuck the labels" but I can understand why as fans of the group you'd want to see them get their proper royalties - if they're even getting them at this point.

    I think some of us fall victim to having too much passion for some acts, and that's not a bad thing but if you're going to start to stick your nose into the business side of things, you're bound to get some blow-back.

    Anyway, the music has gone back to the dark web, we can conclude this conversation here. Its just turned into a moral high-ground pissing match and everyone that has been involved has lost in some way or another.

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  14. ANYWAY

    Can we discuss the 'I Dream' era? I think this track was a complete waste -- Its such a great song and it's limited to an album track!

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  15. Most of the iDream tracks I liked the most didnt even make the album.

    All of the Above, You're a Star (?correct title?), ect.
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  16. It’s very Xenomania, no?
  17. Yep, they should have been released.

    I prefer Britannia High than I Dream though. Hehehe.
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  18. Yeah, its weird they have so many songs recorded for the series, but, a bunch of the tracks didnt make it on any release.

    Also, it's very weird how 'Say It's Alright' was released in France as a random release.....

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  19. So many levels of inconsistencies going on here.
    • Technically they are "D.R.E.A.M" and not "I Dream".
    • The song is called '"Say It's Alright"' rather than 'Say It's Alright'.
    Also this person was possibly at a different photoshoot?
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