S Club Juniors/8

I always found that strange too. I wondered if it was as her voice matured because it wasn't strong on the solo tracks she did before joining The Saturdays either. I believe Simon Fuller/19 sent her to L.A. for a while during that time to have vocal lessons so I wonder if something there affected her confidence.
Alright, I have looked and looked. Is there a HQ photo of the Sundown album somewhere out there? All I can find image searching look awful.


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(seems decentish enough for using it in iTunes, lyrics shining through aside)
Thanks - they're there now, but I am still waiting for Sundown CD1 to arrive!
Thanks so much for these. I’ve updated my iCloud Music library with them and they look so good.

(Looks like you rescanned and added some extra S Club 7 ones too. I’ve never seen a good version of the 7 re-issue cover until now.)

If you have Welcome To Avalon Heights could you add that too?