S Club - The Good Times Tour


Their first new single in over 20 years and titled “These Are The Days”

The track was written by Cathy Dennis, Simon Ellis and Johanne Ellis. With Simon and Cathy being responsible for a majority of the biggest hits from their heyday.
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Very interesting to see what this sounds like, the vibe and tone they are going for and whether any future releases are planned.

For me, I hope at some point they revisit the sounds of ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Alive’ and ‘Natural’ and go for that more funkier adult pop rather than the slightly teeny/cheesy sound of ‘You’, ‘You’re My Number One’ etc.
Someone on ATRL said this about the Now United track:

“It is not this. Doesn’t sound similar either. But the chorus lyrics are VERY VERY similar (altho not exactly identical)”

I actually wouldn’t have minded a straight up cover as it sounds tailor made for them. But I wouldn’t be mad if it has a slightly more maturer sound.
So more like an interpolation of the original's cover, yeah? I'm super happy to see them move forward and keeping the positive vibes. Paul was never about being less than happy in his songs, so it's somewhat touching.

And they look stunnin on the cover.