S Club - The Good Times Tour

Not sure when they sold $45 tickets all the ones available right now are $108+ even terrible seats. I was hoping to find one at a lower price for my roommate who likes them but isn't a massive fan. He's just not willing to pay over $100 for S Club.

Still I can't believe in 8 days I am meeting S Club!
Looking at the seating maps on Ticketmaster, the US dates aren’t diabolical to be fair to them. A couple shows have a good chunk of upper tier seats still available but it’s decently sold.
I wonder why they haven’t mentioned anything about an Australian tour? Sugababes went last year and I think that was quite successful.
Yep it's in the album booklet as that from what I remember.

I checked Discogs to see as I couldn’t find my copy but it actually doesn’t have that line included in the booklet at all.