S Club - The Good Times Tour


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Interesting that they’ve started doing more live vocals when in America. Reminds me of how back in the day U.K. pop acts would talk about how you can’t mime over there on TV etc so maybe that’s why they’ve changed?
The lack of 'distractions' might also factor in. Like, having no dancers, no screens, no costume changes AND no live vocals might leave things a bit too bare?

Say Goodbye 4K now out (its first time officially uploaded to their YouTube), meaning we have the full set of 4K videos now. Most of them are pretty perfect, shame about how Reach turned out.

It’s especially infuriating about Reach as it’s their biggest song - we could have got something better
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It’s especially infuriating about Reach knowing there was a full 4K one ready to go from the original film and the management chose the one we got
I had no idea about this, how disappointing! Probably their most widely known song these days (in the UK anyway) and it gets the shoddiest makeover.
I think it's just confidence. They very rarely ever sang live back in the day so for them to go fully live now would be unlikely, even though I imagine those S Club 3 gigs would have been.

For the S Club 3 gigs, Don't Stop Moving and Reach would always be live, plus they'd usually include a medley with live vocals. The rest would be sung over the original recordings, including an awkward moment where Jo would usually mime to Rachel's vocals in Bring It All Back.
So nice seeing Say Goodbye in 4K.

I have always had a soft spot for that one. It was also released the same year I left High School. So had always been like a goodbye to a chapter in my life too. Always kinda leaves a tear in my eye.

And Jon really shines on it too.
One of the better 4K.
Fun US show and nice to see such a strong reaction. Only critique was that they should have done at least one costume change as there wasn’t much else going on.

Seeing that now, I’m confident A*Teens could do the same style of tour next year too seeing the turnout over there too if they are still planning to tour.

From watching the first 2 shows, I’m guessing the no costume change is more for Jo’s sake.
Tina sounds really good live on Stronger, as it was live, love that she added “All the boys stand up, all the boys show me what you got” instead of just repeating All the girls
It’s really time for these acts to stop pretending it’s the girls funding them. Carol and her mates from the office are buying £20 tickets - it’s the gays buying the VIP packages

(Disclaimer - it’s a joke. I’m not trying to stereotype everyone)
The videos from the US look like it’s going off big time which is great to see.

Maybe if they continue the next tour should be booked for o2 academies over multiple nights as the crowds look bouncing here!
I had SO much fun last night - their music is just so joyful! You could tell they were all really happy to be there and the lights were actually quite effective. The beginning and end were a bit odd as the build-up and cool-down music didn't have anything visual to go with them.

Jo KILLED it and carried the show - I was super impressed by her vocals! I really wish they at least re-recorded the backing vocals to make them sound at least kind of live.

I'm so glad we got the colorful outfits instead of the all black as well.
Last night was amazing. I found Jon and Tina the absolute stars, but all five were killing it. I think Rachel was the only one not to give a live vocal, though she still served.

Tina’s mic was ON!!! I did also notice the Bradley flub of Don’t Stop Movin’, madness when you think of the amount of times they’ve sang that in their careers.

It was such a great show and I still can’t believe I really saw them live.
Agreed on the feedback of last night. They did a great job overall, Tina, Jon, Bradley and Jo all had live vocal moments - mainly verses. Tina was particularly noticeable on Stronger. Jo was really trying which was honestly admirable and she mostly pulled it off

I just keep thinking of how terrible of a venue Terminal 5 is, and how it needs to be demolished already. It truly ruins the experience every time (not to mention the crowd’s horrible etiquette - were you born yesterday??)

Anyway, my 11 year old self was still in disbelief. It was also interesting to see what songs were popular with the audience compared to the PJ/UK community we have here. Like no one’s phones went up during Alive, Stronger and some others.
Bradley posted on his Instagram story that he was having trouble with his in ears, which is why he messed up Don't Stop Moving.

Great to see they're continuing with doing more live bits. I totally get parts need to be mimed, playback to assist them etc, but not the entire show like opening night.