S Club - The Good Times Tour

It’s been a year since Paul passed. It’s still as shocking to me today as it was then. I hope he’s resting in peace.

It’s still so desperately sad and like you say shocking, especially given they’d reunited a mere few weeks prior.

The only comfort we can take is that he was so excited to do the tour and in a good place at the time of his passing,

Also so proud of the others for continuing on and raising money for heart charities.
Bless Jon - his mic is always on and he sounds great. It's criminal he doesn't have more solos - like he's consistently bringing it every time! I hate that Reach is the go to staple song, because I feel like it ruins it for me. They also have a lot of other great uplifting tunes, but I see the public have chosen. They should do Bring It All Back more.
Although the Saturday night takeaway format was running out of steam, I can’t help but think it’s another door closed on our nostalgic / upcoming stars as that’s the end of the prime time tv slot where you would see a weekly performance (for 6 weeks of the year) live. All other programmes are pre record and I think there is a format / tv show missing from screens with music I just don’t know what that is.

Was definitely good to see S Club on there, would of loved to of also seen them open the show with S club party version used to close their tour
I meant live a TOTP or CD:UK but in terms of S Club, they were always known for their TV shows as much as the music so I agree, an S Club TV show should be a no-brainer if there's ever new music on the way.
I got an email from Itison today saying their Kelvingrove show in Glasgow is now £29 a ticket now on there if anyone is still to get one.
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