S Club - The Good Times Tour

Set list. About an hour and 15 mins long…

S club party
Love ain’t gonna wait for you
You’re my number one
Bring the house down
Friday night
Don’t stop movin
Good times (whole song to Paul)
Bring it all back
Two I’m a million
These are the days
Have you ever
Reach (included Paul’s solo)
Never had a dream come true
S club party
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Just got back to my hotel. Honestly - love them to bits but that was underwhelming.

Gutted about Show Me Your Colours - I asked Rachel and Tina if it was on the setlist at Media City when I met them and they said yes!

There were lots of good moments but, I don’t know.
The no band and dancers is strange, hopefully that means the band members make more money (somehow). Okay, so S Club Party was sung twice, so I assume I just watched the first one then.
I’d say 99% of the show was mimed. The set list was odd, I’d have loved show me your colours and let me sleep. However I had an absolute blast, it was hit after hit and so much fun. Leagues ahead of the last reunion tour and as basic as the stage was the screens and lighting really made it look amazing.
The remix of Alive was a definite highlight as was the end remix of sclub party.
A fun camp nostalgic night.
Honestly… thought that was incredible!

Production value was above and beyond what I expected. Lip-syncing was extremely obvious and live moments were hard to spot because their mics were heavily Ariana’d but who cares.

Party of the Dancefloors little sister. They should be very proud.
Really curious how the production of these arena shows are going to translate to the smaller US theater/warehouse venues. Like they could not pull off what I’m seeing at AO at T5
I’ve still avoided visual spoilers but I was advised by an insider to check the setlist and avoid disappointment.

Why is it so short?
Where is the “all the singles” promise?
Where is the “Show me your colours” promise?
Where is the “medleys” promise?
Where is the “songs we’ve never done” promise?

And all mimed? Glad I’m not going in blind now