S Club - The Good Times Tour

Call me uncultured but I’ve never heard a difference between the original and the Boyfriends & Birthdays mixes.

One of the largest differences is Jo's last ad lib -- which is a loud "whoaaaa" - before the repetitive "no matter what"'s that happen at the end of the track (it's on the album version, not the B&B)
To add to the confusion, there are two versions of 'Two In A Million - Boyfriends & Birthdays Version' on Spotify; one on 7 and one on BEST. They are both different mixes. I think the one on 7 is the actual remix and the one on BEST is the original...
The one on Best is the one I've often been listening to and it's definitely not the album version, but I hadn't realised the one on '7' differed!

The Jeremy Wheatley mixes sound a little quieter on Spotify than the single versions. They're definitely not the album versions (You're My Number One still lacks the extra horns before the final chorus that the album version has). Curious!
The Jeremy Wheatley do sound a bit rougher than the Boyfriends & Birthdays / Miami 7 versions to my ears. But that also might be cause they are mixed quieter.

To add to that, the Two In A Million version on 'Best' sounds more like the Jeremy Wheatley version (but again mixed louder) than the Boyfriends & Birthdays version if that makes sense. I guess they are just 3 mixes of the same thing in the end.

Guess the addition of the Jeremey Wheatley mixes are as pointless as the addition of the Reach - Radio Edit. Oh well, if they fix the mislabelling from track 9 & 10, I don't really mind them adding these.
So, question for those that did the meet & greet, how was it? Is it worth it? Since they moved the US dates I can now make it but really uncertain if I want to pay that meet & greet price ddd.
I am SO happy to be able to complete the albums with the official b-sides finally being released!
I think the only 2 we are still waiting for m4a is 'Special Kind of Something' and 'Discotek' from 'Seeing Double,' right? Is below correct for the albums [any b-sides were added to the album they were recorded for]

S Club - 17 tracks
7 - 15 tracks
Sunshine - 17 tracks
Seeing Double - 16 [includes Rain] - missing SKOS and Discotek

Please let me know if I'm missing any songs. Thanks!
So what's the difference with the Miami 7 version of You're My Number One then? Has it always just been the album version?
On the CD single of Two In A Million it says the Boyfriends & Birthdays version is mixed by Jeremy Wheatley so I really think both versions on this EP are identical even if one is quieter.

As someone said there’s no care given to these releases at all or whoever’s uploading them would notice both versions are the same.

The album version is not on the EP.
Any extra songs that are on streaming we know we have these

Perfect Christmas
Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
The Two Of Us

Are we still missing

Dancing Queen
Anytime Anywhere (S Club 7 version)

And anymore that they released that isn't listed here?

Would we ever get a release of Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree? Haha