S Club - The Good Times Tour

Ignoring the fact Cathy Dennis' 20 year old studio vocals continue to do more work than the band, that was a slick set. Choreo on point and they looked great.
I’m pretty sure all the mics were on for Bring It All Back, no? Tina’s for sure!

Lots more love vocals than I expected and it looked like the crowd really loved them by the end.

I wish they’d used the far superior S Club Party (Reprise) to give them a little bit more street cred and show that they can still be relevant amongst todays acts.

I felt a bit weird about not seeing Paul pop up on screen for his iconic part in Reach but Jon did an amazing job of it.
I thought Tina sounded bad though and there was no vocal when she missed parts when the mic wasn't near her mouth.

It's the exact same thing recorded from tour.

I can't get the exact time lined up on this because it's a live video but sift through and compare.

This was such a triumph. They look the part and the choreo was really tight. I feel like this is a great reintroduction to people who weren’t fans enough to go to the tour. I really hope they keep the ball rolling in 2024.