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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MadeInHeaven, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Any love out there for the Foxy one? Her first 3 albums fill me with retro glee.
  2. Baby I'm Lost For Words is great! I love(d) her as a kid. Her and Sabrina. My teachers at school were concerned when I brought my records in... big tits, I guess. Oh, That Sensation... I wish the Touch Me - Special Edition had been released on CD. The single mix of I'm All You Need has never been on CD and it was on there. It's better.
  3. I LOVE SAM!

    I liked her at the time (due to my childhood gay obsession with page 3 girls) but never had any of her albums - I only really knew the big singles which was pretty much just one off each of her first three albums: Touch Me, Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now and I Only Wanna Be With You. Then a few years back I got my hands on those albums and fell in love with all those amazing album tracks I never knew. My absolute favourite is That Sensation. That song is fantastic! I also love Your House Or My House and I Promise You. Considering she was seen as a massive joke musically she had some pretty decent songs. If those songs had been sung by her contemporaries (Yazz or Martika or someone) they might have been big hits.
  4. She's one of the most successful British female vocalists of the 1980s at international level (3 x US top 10 hits), so I'm continually irked that most people think she had one "novelty" hit.

    She's not got the best voice in the business, but she's not got a bad voice either, and I love that she's still out there doing her thing. Her last album was pretty decent too.

    LOVE I Promise You!
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  5. Oh yes, I love the Fox.

    She had some great pop gems, as mentioned That Sensation and I promise you are great as is I surrender (to the spirit of the night)

    Honourable mentions also must go to.
    Walking on air
    I'm all you need
    Out of our hands
    He's got sex
    Suzie don't leave me with your boyfriend.

    I wasn't keen on the stuff she did with Full force though.
  6. Oh yes - I'm All You Need is rather lovely. Ad Suzie .. is quite hiLOLrious.

    Her anti-drug anthem Dream City is amazingly lame. I love it.

    One night in dream city
    Your troubles ended
    Now they've just begun
  7. I've got a Greatest Hits of hers, but she has a track called True Devotion, which i love, love , love!
  8. 'Let me be free' from around 97 is a great piece of commercial dance/trance/pop. Isn't there a version of Jason's 'Nothing can divide us' vocalled by Sam on the PWL site?
  9. Your enthusiasm made me revisit That Sensation for the first time in ages today. You're absolutely right... great, great album track.
  10. I'm glad you revisited it! My favourite bit is the bridge to the second chorus:

    but you broke my defences down
    and you left me wanting more
    I got by on my own just fine
    but I know what it is I want you for

    Just brilliant!
  11. Dream City is pretty cool... cheesy atmospheric little thing. The B-side to True Devotion is really nice, mellow and ambient; Even In The Darkets Hours. I have all her CD singles and that one has The Fox Hunt Mix on, which is a megamix of a couple of tracks. She looks like Letita Dean from Eastenders on the front. I used to have a nice 12" pink vinyl with a free poster, of Naughty Girls. He's Got Sex is a Joe Boxers cover (She's Got Sex).
  12. I love the Fox! 'Touch me', 'I Surrender', and 'Santa Maria' are my fav's.

    A few years a go I had 'I only want To Be With You' on a compilation tape I made and a friend asked if it was Annie Lennox singing ( I kid you not). He was getting it mixed up with the Tourist's version.

    Samantha's (Hurt Me Hurt Me) But The Pants Stay On, is the most funny song title I have ever heard.
  13. "Your house or my house" was cool at the time, but dates horribly.

    "Naughty girls" is however, an artistic triumph. I have those albums on tape somewhere, as they are fun albums each mixing good songs and whatever zomba cheese could be scraped from the songwriting barrel.
  14. Your House Or My House is very dated but that's part of its charm. I once found the lyrics on a lyrics site and they were totally wrong. I had to submit corrections for them (like anyone but me would ever be hunting them down anyway!). LyricWiki still has the wrong ones:

    I can see you're king of the house
    But can you pass my acid taste
    I know you've got all of the moods
    But now you're moving with the bass
    You can check your body
    Can you catch my groove
    Then we found far the valuable land
    Come on and show me what you can do
    We now get you to fall away from your ground

    Surely it's

    I can see you're king of the house
    But can you pass my acid test
    I know you've got all of the moves
    But now you're moving with the best
    You can jack your body
    Can you catch my groove
    When we pump up the volume loud
    Come on and show me what you can do
    When I get you far away from your crowd

    It also has it as "stop playing for sign and make up your mind" but it really doesn't sound like she's singing that! I never quite figured out what that line was. I thought it was "stop playing with your tie"!
  15. Hilarious!
  16. Love House and Touch Me were IMMENSE
  17. I know - I think the lyrics were submitted by a non-English speaking person!
  18. I am only missing 4 of Sam's songs (well, I think so)

    Tonights the night
    Don't cheat on me
    Baby I'm lost for words
    Never gonna fall in love

    Can't find em anywhere!
  19. OK, so there's love out there. Any Foxy Top 10s?

    1 I Surrender (To The Spirit of the Night)
    2 Touch Me (I Want Your Body)
    3 Out Of Your Hands
    4 I Only Wanna Be With You
    5 I Promise You
    6 Go For The Heart
    7 Spirit Of America
    8 Confession
    9 True Devotion
    10 I Wanna Have Some Fun
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