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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MadeInHeaven, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. My deluxe editions are ordered and HMV have already shipped Touch Me and Samantha Fox.

    Amazon and HMV both have the hits package scheduled for November 23rd. Hope it's still going ahead.
  2. Re: Samantha Fox are back with a Greatest Hits for October

    Well, looks like Marc Mysterio got the project back on board:


    kudos to marc!
  3. Sam is confirmed as doing I'm A Celebrity......Hopefully she plays it smart and gets herself back into the spotlight.

    The Marc Mysterio collaboration is coming out as a single in December - would be lovely if it was a hit for her.
  4. sfx


  5. Sony Music Signs Marc Mysterio's "Tomorrow" ft Sam Fox, the lead single

    LONDON,UK /AMERADA MUSIC/ Sony Music (UK) has taken note of Superstar Dance DJ/Producer Marc Mysterio's emergence as a mainstream talent, and will release the lead single from Marc's forthcoming debut album, 'Redemption', called "Tomorrow" by Marc Mysterio (ft. Samantha Fox) on December 14th on ITUNES, as well as on CD.
    The tune features the vocals of Samantha Fox, star of the new 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!', which makes its long anticpated debut This Sunday on ITV1.

    ‘Redemption' (Chapter 1) is fused with a fierce list of collaborations including the lead single ‘Tomorrow" by 'Marc Mysterio featuring Samantha Fox, which has already cracked club charts, and managed to crack its first #1 on radio in Europe!

    "In a short time, Marc has managed to conquer the cold face of dance in a very big way and is about to enter an elite level as an artist with his debut album ‘Redemption', in April (2010)" says Legandary BBC Radio 1 Presenter, Judge Jules introducing Marc Mysterio to millions of listeners prior to his guest dj set on the legendary show known as the 'Warm Up'.

    The full album showcases the Globally Recognized DJ elevating his artistry as an Artist to an elite level -- a move which will thrill his army of fans across the world featuring new collaborations with top talent, including:: Chris Willis (longtime singer of David Guetta), Gary Pine (Singer of Bob Sinclar Anthem 'Love Generation'), Lillix, Max'C (Singer of Top 5 UK Hit,'I Found You' by Axwell), Shena, Dhany (Longtime collaborator of Benni Bennasi) and finally a new duet featuring Jamie Sparks together with Samantha Fox.

    Moreover, In an interview with the high profile blog, Beatportal, The stars share their respect and admiration for each other's work:

    "DJs and producers like Daft Punk, Armin van Buuren and Marc Mysterio are truly the artists of their songs, even though they are not the singer of their songs." Sam (43), asserts. Samantha explains that her vocals on the dance track are simply an extension of instruments in the mix produced, composed, arranged and then performed live by the DJ/Porducer (i.e. Marc Mysterio) as a performing artist. Marc Mysterio (27) returns this compliment by claiming Samantha "is still ten times better looking than Kelly Rowland."

    "Sony saw the progress of the song, as well as the progress of Marc Mysterio gaining acceptance as a mainstream artist and personality -- on a global scale -- and approached us to release it in the UK." notes, Claude Lapointe, Label Manger of World Class Records / Amerada Music owned by Mysterio.

    Sony will additionally service radio/tv stations with the song and music video in the UK.

    "Marc Mysterio has been working especially hard to bring dance music back in to the mainstream through his collaborations with world class talent (i.e. Sam Fox), on his forthcoming album 'Redemption; therefore, its brilliant that Sony wishes to be part of this movement and will even include the lead single on CD Format in time for Christmas -- as part of Samantha Fox Greatest Hits Compilation -- which was a worry for us since many fans and parents have requested it as a CD Single for gifts, however, CD Singles are very rare in dance music now and his album won't be out until April!", says Howard Rubin, VP of Distribution, Amerada Music.

    Additionally, Marc Mysterio noted in a recent interview with NRJ Radio that the shooting of the music video was delayed due to Sam Fox being a bit out of touch with pop culture whereas she did not want to play Marc's sexy mom: "The original script for the video was for her to play my mother, but she didn't understand the whole M.I.L.F thing and said to me ‘Marc I can't play your mother in that video when, you know, there are still 15 year olds' in The US wanking off to my photos'."

    In a seperate radio follow up interview, Mysterio noted that the original concept for the video was influenced by his attraction to Rachel Hunter's Sexy Mom Characted in the movie 'American Pie' while noting that his idea of an 80s reunion would be a "Ménage à trois au milfs with Samantha Fox and Rachel Hunter".

    Finally, a sampler of Marc Mysterio's Debut Album 'Redemption' (Chapter 1 -Sampler) , will be pre-released Friday, exclusively on Beatport including lead single "Tomorrow" (feat. Samantha Fox), as well as a sneak preview of the Second Single from Marc's 'Redemption' entitled "Sunshine" featuring the singer of The Legendary Reggae Group 'The Whalers' and Former World Cup Theme Song, 'Love Generation' (with DJ Bob Sinclar), Gary 'Nesta' Pine!

    The full LP 'Redemption' by Marc Mysterio will be released on CD and ITUNES in April 2010, which will co-incide with the launch of Marc Mysterio's Internationally Syndicated Radio Show 'Radio-Active'!


    Noted Radio interviews (NRJ, Judge Jules audio clip of cited quote) can be heard on Marc Mysterio's Myspace:

    Beatportal Interview: http://www.beatportal.com/feed/item/how-samantha-fox-and-marc-mysterio-want-to-help-dance-music/

    Link To Release of Marc Mysterio's Debut Album 'Redemption' (Chapter 1 -Sampler) on Beatport:

    For More Info on Sam Fox:

    Note to editors:

    MILF: (slang) Mother(s)-I('d)-like-to-F**K: A mother found sexually attractive (e.g. 1999: Movie American Pie "Dude, that chick's a MILF!" in reference to Rachel Hunter's Sexy Mom Character).

    Marc Mysterio Stock Press Photo and album cover is attached and may be freely posted, printed, distributed, without restriction.

    Beatport.com is The Recognized World's Leading Digital Retailer for Dance Music

    Beatportal.com is the World's Largest Dance Music Blog owned and operated by Beatport

    "Tomorrow" by Marc Mysterio has had a 3 week run, to date, at #1 in Cyprus.

    World Class Records is recognized as one of the top record labels with a focus on dance music that appeals to the mainstream audience and was founded by Marc Mysterio. Its artist roster included: Marc Mysterio, Sandy Vee (writer of Sexy Chick by David Guetta), Gary Pine, Lillix, Samantha Fox and more!

    Amerada Music is a new digital music distribution, and publishing company focused on dance music founded by Marc Mysterio as a sister company to World Class Records!

  6. Re: Sony Music Signs Marc Mysterio's "Tomorrow" ft Sam Fox, the lead single

    Sorry, this press release irritates me because Rachel Hunter wasn't the MILF in American Pie, it was Jennifer Coolidge. Well, it irritates me for lots of other reasons too, but that one comes to mind.
  7. Re: Sony Music Signs Marc Mysterio's "Tomorrow" ft Sam Fox, the lead single

    Getting sick of shite acts plugging their wares on here.
  8. Re: Sony Music Signs Marc Mysterio's "Tomorrow" ft Sam Fox, the lead single

    Well, the original poster posted what acts are involved within the thread title so I guess YOU don't need to click on it to read it. I guess shite acts discussed on this site is open to interpretation.
  9. Re: Sony Music Signs Marc Mysterio's "Tomorrow" ft Sam Fox, the lead single

    No shit, Sherlock.
  10. Re: Samantha Fox are back with a Greatest Hits for October

    Single Mix of 'I'm All You Need'?! PLEASE!?!
  11. sfx


    Re: Samantha Fox are back with a Greatest Hits for October

    Greatest Hits compilation has been reviewed and rescheduled because of Sam's partecipation to the "I'm A Celebrity..." show.
    Good move!
  12. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Samantha Fox are back with a Greatest Hits for October

    Too Late To Say Goodbye is amazing!
  13. Re: Samantha Fox are back with a Greatest Hits for October

    No Forever True though... :-(
  14. I’m A Celebrity Exclusive: Samantha Fox’s New Song, And Marc Mysterio

    frrom tabloid news source Anorak.co.uk http://www.anorak.co.uk/230993/celebrities/im-a-celebrity-exclusive-samantha-foxs-new-song.html

    I’m A Celebrity Exclusive: Samantha Fox’s New Song, And Marc Mysterio

    I’m A Celebrity topless stunna emeritus Samantha Fox has recorded a new song. It’s called Tomorrow, and Anorak caught up with its producer, wrinkle gazer and all round musical psychic Marc Mysterio. Before the song a few words:

    Anorak: Will she win in the jungle?

    Sam might not be perceived as a tough girl just by looking at her (she comes up to my hip, lol). But she is a fighter! We had it out a few times during this process, often times with Myra [Myra Stratton - Sam's lover and manager] joining in the fray. However, this time, Sam is all alone and for the first time in a while, the young pop generation (people in my age range) get to learn who she is.

    You too can get a grip on who Sam Fox is by browsing our collection of images.

    How is she doing so far?

    Personally, I am quite excited to learn as to what the spider tasted like? I’d try one on top of some Poutine (a dish served in canada that consists of french fries, gravy, and curded cheese)!

    Ah, the sweet tang of Pou-tine.

    When did you start working with Sam?

    Well, we ended up exchanging mails about 3 or 4 years ago, however, at that time I was just getting started really. We would keep in touch though, and Sam noted a few times that we both had similar personalities in that we speak our minds, and have a fair bit of a sense of humour, as well.

    How did you get together?

    Myra called me when she arrived in Canada back in April and invited me over to the studio. I arrived and met Myra and Sam… Myra called Sam over to hear a new song I had just written called “Tomorrow”. Sam immediately fell in love with it and started dancing to it and singing the hook “The Sun is Gonna Shine Again” and “Tomorrow Is Another Day”…

    I’m predicting, right now, 2 million sales by the end of next year of “Tomorrow”.
  15. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: I’m A Celebrity Exclusive: Samantha Fox’s New Song, And Marc Mysterio

    Thanks Marc
  16. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    Re: I’m A Celebrity Exclusive: Samantha Fox’s New Song, And Marc Mysterio

    Who is Mark?

    I hope this shit does the same for the glorious Fox that it's done for Peter Andre!
  17. Re: Samantha Fox are back with a Greatest Hits for October

    Double disc of new greatest hits is on hmv.co.uk for £7.99, the single disc edition is only £5.99 there.
  18. sfx


    Re: Samantha Fox - Tomorrow (Single) & Greatest Hits (Album)

    If you try Play.com you'll find the Greatest Hits with shipping cost included to anywhere in the world: £8,95 for the double CD and £ 7,99 for the single disc
  19. Re: Samantha Fox - Tomorrow (Single) & Greatest Hits (Album)

    Someone told me that Samantha Fox was the UK's biggest selling female artist at one point. Asia totally bummed her for ages.

    Is this true? I would so love it to be.
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