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S-s-s-s-Samantha Fox

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MadeInHeaven, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Sony Music
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  2. Thank u sweetie
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  3. It's hard covering Dusty but I think she did well. Great little feel good song.
    Very Sammy really.
  4. The definitive version!

    I love the frantic almost HiNRG PWL production on this one so much. Great video too.
  5. It suits her so much, such fun and vitality. The video is fab too I agree.
  6. Just a small part of my LP collection, not 12'', singles etc .. I found myself the last years obsessed with mint sealed items buying all over the world 93269808_10221543646401028_5504454997363916800_o.jpg 92827977_10221543645200998_4358281792617185280_o.jpg 92769881_10221543644200973_2350257188712218624_o.jpg 92811799_10221543643800963_2930037882015973376_o.jpg
  7. For many years I was trying to figure out if those photo covers were from the same photo session. I found the answer...The jacket was totally different and kept me confused! I found the answer but what you think? I Surrender 7 Inch Treated.jpg R-260229-1451350340-2399.jpeg.jpg
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  8. Looks like the same Photo session to me. She looks stunning too doesn't she?
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  9. At first I couldn't understand exactly cause the hair is the other way round and the leather jacket is different. So my conclusion is that the photo in ''PROMISE YOU'' is mirrored and the original is in I SURRENDER!
    So I mirrored once again the I PROMISE YOU photo and that's the result: the hair is the same..And generally I noticed that back then they used mirrored pictures. The strange is that the jackets are different but the face is almost the same! BeFunky-collage (1).png
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  10. So it looks that all those photos are from the same photo session finally
    BeFunky-collage (4).png
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  11. I FINALLY got orund to putting on the Fox Box DVD.... I haven't seen these video's in a hundred years, such fun.
    What an odd follow up single Hold On Tight was to Touch Me and Do Ya Do Ya. And what a silly video. I guess all the hot male dances were under contract to the Nanas.
  12. Hold on Tight was one of many strange single choices for Sam.

    I'm all you Need (remixed) or Baby I'm lost for words would have been my choice(s)
  13. Hold On Tight really killed off all the momentum she had built up with two top 10 singles even though it was still top 30 and showed Jive had misjudged her UK audience. The album still did well here but would have done even better with a smarter choice of 3rd single.

    I think Jive assumed due to the Page 3 her audience would be dads, builders, truckers etc and I imagine thought Hold On Tight would appeal to them. Instead the disco rock of the first two singles were appealing to a much younger audience like me and Hold On Tight really put me off and I didn’t get the album (back then). I did buy I’m All You Need after seeing her perform it on Wogan.

    Even Sam doesn’t like it.
  14. Interestingly it's the only Sam record my dad likes so they sort of got that right but it's
    easily the weakest song on the album.
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  15. I am also thinking about ordering the fox box. Are the videos in HD?
  16. Me setting my Scruff filters.

    She really needed another disco bop after Touch Me.
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  17. It's a great box to have and you can find it also if you look for in a good price. I helped a lot for putting all those in the box. The video mostly are in great quality but not all of them. Definitely the quality is good.
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  18. It's almost like they went for the most provocative song titles when choosing singles for her ddd.

    Touch Me!
    Do You Wanna Please Me?
    Hold On Tight!
    I'm All You Need
    I Surrender!
    Naughty Girls Need Love Too!
    I Wanna Have Some Fun
  19. Something of an update on a new album just now from Sam on an Instagram live chat. She said it’s been finished for ages but with the way the music industry is she doesn’t want to just put it out there and self fund it for it to be ignored and end up in bargain bins. She says it’ll only come out if she gets a proper record deal with proper promo, video budgets and marketing. She might need to have a rethink I’d say.

    She also said Finland approached her about doing Eurovision next year.
  20. I understand where she is comimg from. The question is which label can sign her? Maybe BMG?
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