S08E07 - Seventh (and final) audtion show

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Almost glad auditions are over after tonight. They were a bit boring this year. But maybe they held back something exciting for the final episode?!

Plus: Show us what you got. Tonight.
This is why i hate this show just taking the piss out of perfectly nice people is just nasty and not entertaining
I don't know why they showed her, she wasn't good and she wasn't funny... I thought that's the two things they tried to show in the auditions?
Gary needs to stop being so hot. Seriously, I can't handle watching this show without getting in heat. oh lord did i just say that?
Just sing one song nicely and all your shit behavior is forgiven. If he gets through the tabloids are gonna have a field day.
I hate it when audtionees always try and copy the original singer of their songs. Show some individuality!

And enough with the crying!
Not open for further replies.