S08E07 - Seventh (and final) audtion show

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This is appalling. Where are they hiding all the good singers? Have we finally run out of them?
Well, my cup of care is empty tonight.

There's only been one good audition, and he was in the middle of a montage.
But I can't imagine we're gonna see a boot camp and live shows with a lot of different singers whose auditions we haven't seen?! I guess I have to settle on field girl as my favorite then (but she's gonna annoy the shit out of me by week three of the live shows).
he / him
I want the Mercy woman from last year to come back right now and do a duet with queen of vagina
I can't believe this is the talent this year! I hope they just made horrible editing choices and there are a couple people in boot camp who are properly interesting/ amazing but weren't shown in the auditions.

And I didn't mind Tesco Terry and I can't believe Louis said yes to the Back for Good guy.
Don't remind us of the better times, show. It's not going to help.

At least Kerry has a respectable weave this time.
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