S08E07 - Seventh (and final) audtion show

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I didn't enjoy that. Even from a voyeuristic point of view. She clearly suffers from mental illness.

Anyway, Dermot is still hot, so not all is lost.
I despair.

There's been no one even close to licking Cher Lloyd's boots audition-wise this time around.

Janet Devlin for the win.
He / Him
I haven't got very high hopes, I haven't seen one person that has made me want to repeatedly watch their audition on youtube like previous years.

I wanted at least one brilliant girl group to appear. There have been pretty much no groups shown actually!

Goldie to win!
I can't wait to see Kitty. I didn't like that shot of Frankie with that girl at what I presume is the hotel.
Kelly seems ruthless at bootcamp i love her.
This might be the worst bunch of contestants ever and last years lot take some beating.
Just caught up on +1.

Well Kerry being the highlight was further proof that the novelty acts (and Kelly) are the only things that make this show remotely worth watching anymore, and even she wasn't that funny this time.

Goldie to win! She actually is the act that can work a stage better than the rest we've seen.
I think Season 4 and Season 6 were a lot worse in terms of talent than Season 7. I'm not sure on this lot, we'll have to see although I am disappointed.
There's nobody who I've thought was incredible, but it's early days. I'm hoping someone will burst out of the woodwork and be awesome
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