S08E08 - Boot Camp Part 1

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earplug said:
Lost In Japan. said:
earplug said:
KhiaShamone said:
I hate how even Kelly pretends that Frankie Krakatoa (sp?) is awesome. urgh.

I am disappointed in Ms Kelly! Dannii needs to come back - she's like a filter which only keeps the talented.

I said talent, of which Matt has! I didn't say she filtered out 'credible' knobs.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-mCSbw8Bk0 When your live performance is worse than Katy Perry's live performance, we got a problem.
Frankie is so, so awful. He barely even 'sings'. With croaky whispering like that, I'd be surprised if he even gets halfway through the finals without throat problems.
Good riddance if Goldie has gone, it has become tiresome watching joke acts with no talent get through to live shows while good singers are off loaded.
I hope she takes Fat Bieber, Kitty, Kenro and Janet Devlin with her.Janet is more overrated than Frankie she sounds like she needs an oxygen mask.Frankie actually did a good job yesterday although he was the only good one in a dire group. We better get something as good as this tonight.

As the Mail article features a caption from an episode yet to be screened, I suspect the "crisis" is the spin machine at work.
Lost In Japan. said:
KhiaShamone said:
Lost In Japan. said:
When they were discussing him at one point during the episode though, Tulisa had a look that said everything.

What did they say?
Oh just like "he really stood out" "he was really good" and I swear I saw her roll her eyes.


I love his hair though. He should model L'Oreal or something.;
This is a flop show. I started watching it before going out last night but it was just far too depressing so I had to turn it off. The judges are shit and have really messed around the contestants.

The only good thing about the show was Goldie and now she's apparently left.

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The ginger girl called Nicole was really good, shame they haven't shown her much so probably means she doesn't get through. Goldie is the best thing about the show... this year is awful.
I know the X Factor hypes everything up to catastrophic levels but there is no way in hell people like that Sammi someone, Frankie tattoo arse and the aptly named fat bieber should be sent through. Are they just asking for flops?

They need a marketable popstar, and God knows they aint it.
The irritating thing is, Frankie Cock-noser is a hugely marketable popstar.

All the One Direction stans will be after him because HE'S WELL FIT!!11!. The most marketable alongside Janet Devlin and The Keys.
Grrr. Your right.

I'll amend my statement, marketable popstars who can sing.

I like Janet and The Keys, they're fine.
I can't imagine how gutting it must be for those acts that not only didn't get to perform at boot camp but were also deemed to have less chance of winning than "Kendro".


jinzo said:
So...where is the proof she's left, sorry?

The quote from the X Factor spokesperson saying she has? That she's at home when she should be in the finalist's house with the others?
I can't wait to see the groups that the judges made form some of rejected contestans.

I'm still not 'wowed' by anyone. Maybe only that girl that looks like Pixie Lott.
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