S08E18 & 19 - 4th Live Shows

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He / Him / His
It's Halloween week!

Tonight at 8PM... Potentially the biggest "hot mess show" ever will grace our screens.

I can't remember the last time I was this excited for an X Factor show!
I think I'm staying in tonight to watch this rather than go out! Very excited too. Will someone be sitting in Kelly's chair? Will Kitty eat children alive on stage? Will Johnny dress as a drag queen?

Johnnie was threatening to wear an outfit made up of Sun newspaper clippings. If only Misha hadn't already done a newspaper dress in week 1
I predict Kelly will be there. Anyone remember Series 3 when Louis apparantly quit and then on the night he was there. Unless Kelly's exit is so Chezza Cole can re-appear after all I think she may still be on Cowell's payroll. Either way the Kelly exit story is so just to try and win back viewers.
Work are keeping me in until 9pm due to a change in shifts. Unmeasurable levels of rage. Will be ITV+1'ing this mutha.

A Frankie/Marcus or "Little Mix" bottom two, please.
Has Kelly actually buggered off or is this just overly dramatic suspicions cause she's really ill/in America?

Frankie/Johnny bottom two would be delightful.


I'll be happy for a Frankie / Marcus bottom two. I'll be devastated if it's a The Risk / Little Mix bottom two.

Bring on Kitty!
The only ones I like are Marcus and Kitty and the remaining groups are ok. Frankie and Johnny to be in the bottom two.

Apparantly Nicole Scherzinger is replacing Kelly for this weekend only - If you can believe what The Sun report.
Why does she need replacing though? Nicole won't have any idea about her acts and can hardly stick up for them. Unless she's there to act neutral.

Nicole really is the replacement Queen.
It does make sense as Frank Strachan, Nicole's UK stylist, tweeted that he was asked to go and do an emergency fitting, and then told he wasn't needed.


RhythmNative said:
Simon's back tonight filling for Kelly.

How awkward for Gary. Wonder where he'll sit?

Simon? Wow. This is gonna be interesting!
Simon can fuck right off. Smarmy bastard. You just know he's been praying for somebody to have a diva strop/'fall ill' so that he can make one of his much loved 'spectacular comebacks'. I really hate him.
UnderPressure said:
Simon can fuck right off. Smarmy bastard. You just know he's been praying for somebody to have a diva strop/'fall ill' so that he can make one of his much loved 'spectacular comebacks'
They should just borrow his waxwork from Madame Tussaud's; it's more natural-looking than he is nowadays.

I wouldn't be surprised if next year we end up with a Strictly Come Dancing-type scenario where Simon and Nicole fly back and forth across the Atlantic to pull double duty every week. Assuming the show makes it to next year, that is.
LOL of course it's not getting cancelled! That's just a ridiculous thought. And Nicole won't have an X Factor job come next year, except maybe on the Australian version. She's been a huge failure on the US show and even going into live shows the reviews have been poor for her. I wouldn't expect to see her back and barring a miracle improvement Steve Jones is probably done as well.

Simon back on the panel could be interesting. Given the choice between him an Nicole I'll choose him. It'll be nice having an unbiased take on the contestants. Shame LA Reid couldn't fly over.
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