S08E20 & 21 - 5th Live Shows

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You better hope and pray... that Kitty and Frankie are voted off today!


Someboy said:
PantoponRose said:
Kelly's presence on the panel only serves as a constant reminder that somewhere out there, a village is missing it's idiot...

And Beyonce her bag lady.

/ person Beyonce uses to show she is still human ("I love my gurl Kelly, she's like family!" ... "SEE BEYONCE IS AMAZING AND LOVELY AND KIND!")
The panel shenanigans are just a sign of a very poor act lineup.

If they had decent acts they wouldn't need to argue with each other to make the show seem interesting.

If its a double elimination tonight, I guess there will be a bottom 3 singoff ?

Probably Frankie/Kitty/Misha


KamikazeHeart said:
The act with the lowest votals is eliminated directly, and then the next two sing-off I think?

If it is even Misha or Kitty I am DONE with the show. Surely they could spare us JLS and give the contestants a fair chance.

UnderPressure said:
ops said:
UnderPressure said:
Has anyone got the ITV streaming link that was posted here before yesterday's show?
Thanks but oh god it's showing Strictly? And I can't find another link for X Factor. Bloody hell.

They'll flick over at 8, don't worry.
Oh goodo.

Who do we think for bottom 3 then? I'm saying Frankie (straight out), Janet and Johnny/Kitty.


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Vashetti said:
Remember to vote for Kitty guys, Gaga is on next week so it will be nice for Kitty to meet her.

I'd imagine they're keeping her on just because she hás to perform next week.
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