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SABRINA by Sabrina is 35

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Sep 20, 2017.

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  2. She's the winner in our hearts.
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  3. Island

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    Get the booby tape ready!
  4. Why Cover Model single is not available on Streaming?
  5. I think that will be a very tricky one to get as the copyright is a nightmare to track it down.
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  6. Island

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    I’m obsessed with her Instagram. Madonna should hire her.

  7. This should have been Top 10 in the UK. Bop!
  8. Her first album has been re-released in limited yellow vinyl for Sony Italy.
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  9. Olof me is everything. A classic
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  10. I genuinely wonder why it wasn't? 1988 was peak S/A/W for me and this along with I Don't Believe In Miracles both missing the top 20 (Top 5 really) was a travesty.
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  11. Because of your post I have hunted this release down on eBay. Thank you!
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  12. I think of this release as the same as I Don’t Believe In Miracles and also Bananarama’s Love Truth & Honesty. They all deserved to do a lot better in the U.K. than they did. Maybe the country was experiencing SAW fatigue? But then again other SAW acts were still riding the waves high.
  13. Yes, that was the other 1988 S/A/W record that deserved a top 10 place too.
    I genuinely don't know why they didn't do so well as they are top tier Pop records.
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  14. All of Me (Boy Oh Boy), I Don't Believe In Miracles and Love, Truth & Honesty all stalled at #22, #23 and #25 in the same week in October 1988. I can only put it down to SAW fatigue as all three are brilliant songs, among the best that PWL ever did, and deserved Top 10 placings.
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  15. All Of Me does not scream October release. If that makes sense. It should of came out 2/3 months earlier.
  16. You are most welcome.
  17. What a chart that was though, and I bought all 3.
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  18. Pocket money was low that week.
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  19. If the target market for SAW then was 14 year old girls and fledgling gays, a 7" was 99p, and pocket money was 'officially' less than £2 per week (facts here), then there's only so much one could spend on their fave pop records in a month... so, #priorities (Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot) ;-)

    Vasilios got facts (as always)
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