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Sabrina Carpenter - emails i can’t send

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Hopefully she's finally finished the album since the first single came out in January 2021.
  2. The album is apparently called Emails I Can't Send and the preorder is coming tomorrow.

  3. My mind!
  4. I'm glad she's finally releasing a new album. It's strange how she went from releasing four albums between 2015 and 2019 to only a handful of singles since then, but I guess that's more of a reflection of how the music industry has changed over the years than anything else.
  5. From AM:
    release date: 15.07.2022 (!!!)
    total length: 39 minutes
    tracks: 13

    track 1 - (explicit)
    track 2 - Vicious (explicit)
    track 3
    track 4 - (explicit)
    track 5 - (explicit)
    track 6
    track 7 - (explicit)
    track 8
    track 9
    track 10 - Fast Times (explicit)
    track 11 - Skinny Dipping
    track 12
    track 13
  6. Kind of excited about this? I still listen to Fast Times quite a lot.

  7. Emails I Can’t Send, out July 15th.
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  8. Skin isn't on the album? I don't particularly care for it, but seems like an odd decision.
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  9. We need a thread title change!
  10. Oooo finally! And it's coming so soon! The album cover is cute.
    Vicious is pretty great I love the way it builds. And I'm looking forward to the studio version of this:
  11. RMK


    Really bizarre how they're just releasing it on such short notice. It seems Island had a lot going on behind the scenes since she signed, and I wonder if she's been holding onto this for awhile. Very curious about the album, but I fear this will be Julia Michaels central.
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  12. It's cute but again nothing special. The bridge is fun though.
  13. 3Xs


    That... is sadly not the follow-up to Fast Times that I wanted.
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  14. It's pretty nice, I think that lyric video makes it feel more boring/bland than it actually is.
  15. Hmm....this really is turning into a whisper-pop special. I like it, but am still thirsting for bops.
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  16. I love her and most of her songs slap but this is terrible. Excited for the album though.
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  17. ...well I like it!
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  18. It's like they had another whispabop but wanted a punky Olivia anthem too and ended up combining them.
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  19. RMK


    This is definitely a response to the Joshua Bassett & Olivia situation, so lyrics are key here. It's better than Skinny Dipping.
  20. I ordered a signed CD from her store; mainly because the long wait between singles and now super fast release window have me concerned for the worst re: her label situation after this album.
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