Sabrina Carpenter - emails i can’t send

Joshua Bassett

Why miss out on the extra streams from Skin? And it’s thematically about the same stuff the new song is.

Fingers crossed it’s on a deluxe because it could maybe help her snatch a certification or two in smaller markets, direct more people to the album on streaming, etc. It’s also her only song to ever chart on the Hot 100!
I take back my thoughts on Vicious. Its kind of a bop. Also I slept on Fast Times - a summer nights anthem. She really has potential to be a big pop girl. I don't know if its label, management, or general disinterest thats stopping her, but the potential is there.
Listened through, and this is her best album to date. You can tell this was a personal project for her. Though I feared it, the final result really isn't a bunch of Julia cast-offs. There's a good balance of variety (bops/ballads) while keeping a cohesive narrative. Definitely a breakup/moving on album.

As for "because i liked a boy", it perfectly encapsulates getting dragged into all that drama last year. "Skin" may not have been a great look, but the song really explains where she's coming from. It probably sucked.
Oh I love this!! Fast Times and skinny dipping did this album no justice.
My highlights on initial listen are: bet u wanna, Bad for Business, Nonsense, Tornado Warnings and Read Your Mind. But honestly there's nothing bad here. I'm so happy she turned it out.
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Giving this a listen through now, it’s a strong album & you can tell how horrible the whole Olivia/Drivers License debacle was for her. Because I Liked A Boy & Tornado Warnings are my faves.

Side note: is she still with Joshua?