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Sabrina Carpenter - Singular (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Giving this a thread of its own as this tune is so good although does sound a tiny bit different from the version I bought on iTunes a couple of weeks ago.
  2. My favorite thing is how she's wearing a Black Flag tee on the single cover.
  3. She gives me Selena Gomez ghost singer tea, but I like it. Eyes Wide Open was cute, but I'm really sold on this one!
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  4. I'm getting my life to On Purpose. Smoke and Fire is alright.

    Is her first album worth the listen? I've always been a pretty big fan of Disney girls but this one flew right past me.
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  5. Next taster from the album. "All We Have Is Love" is the album closer apparently.
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  6. It's really cute. I might give this album a go.

    She sounds promising considering she's a Disney star.
  7. [​IMG]
    1. On Purpose
    2. Feels Like Loneliness
    3. Thumbs
    4. No Words
    5. Run and Hide
    6. Mirage
    7. Don't Want It Back
    8. Shadows
    9. Space
    10. All We Have Is Love
    Every week leading up to the release, a promo single will be released. 'All We Have Is Love' for today, September 23. 'Run and Hide' for September 30 and 'Thumbs' for October 7.

    There's also a tour.[​IMG]
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  8. She has that star quality that defines a chosen Disney star. I hope she can have great success because she can sing and is cute as a button.
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  9. I like All We Have Is Love. Count me in for this, I guess.

    I also really like her cover of Freedom. She's talented, and she has huge potential. On Purpose is still that bop but to be honest Smoke and Fire is so average that I'm concerned that the album will be in the same sound.
  10. On Purpose gives me such Lucaya feels.

    Anyway, I am definitely here for her and this album.
  11. Hopefully this one will be a bit less 'acoustic-heading towards country'. That said, Eyes Wide Open had a couple of good songs on it.
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  12. New promo single called 'Run and Hide'.
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  13. It's more vibe-y mid-tempo electropop from the songs already out.
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  14. Lawd, her phrasing is incredible!
  15. 'On Purpose' gives me Zara and that chorus is so addictive. Whoever got her away from the acoustic stuff is a Disney pop hero.
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  16. New tune 'Thumbs'. This is shaping up to be an unexpected contender for pop record of the year.
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  17. I just came in here to post this. What a ridiculous and amazing song!
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  18. This is out here and it's one of my favorite pop releases even though I'm just 5 songs in. This is impressive for a Disney girl especially one of her age. It easily surpasses her debut.
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  19. Oh wow, On Purpose is incredible and Thumbs is giving me Tove Lo vibes. Adore this girl on Girl Meets World (she's the best thing about the show), but her early music did nothing for me, so I'm excited to hear her go in this direction.
  20. Did she sing the F word on Mirage? I don't so, but the preview sounded like it.
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