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Sabrina Carpenter - Singular (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. I'm annoyed we're appearently not getting a Pushing 20 music video.
  2. Well she finally snapped.

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  3. I'm loving this "hanging off various staircases" theme she has.
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  4. Please release a physical, please release a physical, PLEASE RELEASE A PHYSICAL
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  5. It's very Out Tonight/Rent.
  6. Well shit.
  7. 1. In My Bed
    2. Pushing 20
    3. I Can't Stop Me (feat. Saweetie)
    4. I'm Fakin
    5. Take Off All You Cool
    6. Tell Em
    7. Exhale
    8. Take You Back
    9. Looking at Me

    In My Bed and I'm Fakin are the pre-release singles, in addition to the 2 we already have
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  8. She scaringly sounds like Arianna so much on the verses
  9. In My Bed is excellent.
  10. In My Bed is great. She might end up topping Act I at this rate.
  11. In My Bed is another BOP! I love her vocal flourishes.
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  12. This is SO good. What else is it gonna take for her to blow up??
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  13. Yes, I, too, stan "In My Bed". Unexpected bop. She did that!
  14. Act 2 is getting a physical release at, you guessed it, Target
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  15. LOVE In My Bed.
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  16. In My Bed goes off. Her banger ratio is increasing with each release.
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  17. Nota Sabrina being the girl to actually get her Pt 2 project out. We stan commitment.
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  18. In My Bed is fantastic. The pre chorus especially. Pushing 20 is also one of my most played songs of the year so she's smashing it for me
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