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Sabrina Carpenter - Singular (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Literally zero clue about her previously, other than seeing her name pop up on this forum, but heard 'In My Bed' a few days ago and it's been on repeat ever since. A colossal bop.

  2. okay listen to this immediately
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  3. Her best songs are Paris and Why in that order.
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  4. In My Bed just played randomly on YouTube while I was cleaning and I was stopped dead in my tracks. What a POP SONG
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  5. I wonder what it's gonna take for her to get a hit not to mention a global smash! It's long overdue.

    She has ALL the ingredients. She's such a star in the making. And seeing as how Hollywood Records allows her to make the music she wants and record stuff that sounds current with her own stamp on it.

    In a perfect world In My Bed would be climbing the charts. And Sue Me would've been Top 20.
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  7. She’s the perfect pop star and I’m so happy that she’s still dedicated to her music career, despite not hitting it big yet.

    She has a nice niche fan base keeping it worthwhile and hopefully she’ll only grow to more success.
  8. Never expected her to become such a great visual artist, but she's really stepped it up in the last couple of years.
  9. The pre-hook of "In My Bed" alone is so fucking flawless.

    She's such a star-in-the-making. I'm stoked for Singular, Act II.
  10. She looks absolutely stunning in the video. That green suit is a look! Loved the multiple versions of her.

    Thought the straitjacket scene was neat and very telling with the executives dancing with her.

    The effects on her eyes did get annoying real quick. They could've reined it in more.

    If this song doesn't make her a breakthrough artist I don't think anything will unfortunately. I want it so badly for her. And Hollywood Records has thrown a lot of money at her videos. But this one looks especially visually expensive.

    She's so incredibly charismatic. Her voice has matured a lot. She's the total package.

    Beyond excited for Singular: Act 2!
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  11. I love her hustle. She just needs that one moment to propel her into stardom.
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  12. I think it really bodes well for her that she is being quite well invested in and has a solid fanbase.
    I could see the next era really being the one for her.
  13. I have this gut feeling her time will come soon. At long last. She deserves it more than anything.

    Singular: Act II will be her breakthrough in many ways.
  14. In My Bed is a bop! I'm very pleased with her consistency through her career so far. Like some of you have already said, she manages to sound current and fresh with her unique touch in every song.
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  15. She's the whole package. She just needs that one hit that's gonna propel her to super stardom
  16. Paris deserved to be that hit. I hope that one hit comes soon
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  17. A POPSTAR!

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