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Sabrina Carpenter - Skin + 5th album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. It seems pretty pointed for Sabrina to think Olivia was trying to get under her skin with drivers license when, if anything, that song talks about the insecurity that creeps in when left for another person. A smarter read (which is still possible with a good music video) would be to direct the chorus at the public and their sometimes toxic perception of “the other woman.” In any case though, good for her for changing labels finally; hopefully this could actually lead to some traction.
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  2. Idc if it comes off as cringe. She sounds mad and I'm here for it. The song is amazing. Hopefully the kids are listening and she gets the succes she always deserved with this track.
  3. Okay fair, but this feels earned. @Sail On hits the nail spot on above, and I would love if she took the video in that direction.
    Kinda same. Like, I live for pettiness in music (huge Swiftie, so obviously), even when it's a little weird.
  4. Oh my god... NOW olivia WILL run them over
  5. Also, does the lyric video format remind y'all of anything? I swear I've seen something like it before.
  6. To be honest I don't care how petty it is dd give me Sabrina Carpetner BPG 2021! The song's great too.
  7. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I suppose this is impossible amidst a pandemic, and not to be an old millennial ready for the glue factory about it, but I do miss when popstars had beef and they had dance battles in clubs instead of releasing emo ballads.
  8. Ok I just actually listened after seeing a lot on Twitter about it and this song feels pretty....petty and almost mean? "i'm happy and you hate it", "you can try to get under my skin while he's all over mine" like...come on. Drivers License never even remotely shades her. It's just about the heartbreak of losing what she had with that boy, and how it's hard to see he's moved on to someone else. And Sabrina's song feels like she's just rubbing it in Olivia's face.
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  9. STOP
    (obviously the first part of the tweet is facetious but I'm screaming)
  10. I am living for the pettiness! If this stupid High School Musical boy is getting the girls to release good music then it’s all worth it. I don’t think Sabrina will get the same chart results, but her leaving Hollywood is already a win.
  11. Oh my god
  12. Okay so Olivia is a star from the HSM series, and the song is about her co-star who's three years older then her because they had been dating (which tends to happen during Disney shows) and now he's with Sabrina, and she mentioned it in one part of her song, but Sabrina got pissed and wrote an entire song about that couplet. That's pretty much it right?
    I knew nothing good would come from that series.
  13. The copyright on the track says Island Records which means she finally left Hollywood Records.

    [​IMG] .
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  14. Month eleven (insert Shakira number eleven! gif) of staying at home and I am really about to get invested in some can't vote can't drink born this millennium needs parent permission to join TikTok drama

  15. Not these being different people


  16. I know nothing about Sabrina. Skin popped up on New Music Friday so gave it a spin and it’s lovely!

    So naturally I come here to find it’s all a bit of a dumpster fire why it exists ddd. Oh well, for a slinky “”””””revenge””””” song it’s nice.

    Beef sure doesn’t sound like it used to though!
  17. I still can’t believe the guy is that guy. Men
    Sky Ferreira <3
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  18. ~you say your boyfriend's sweet and kind
    but you've got your eyes on mine~

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  19. "Skin" is great. Perfect blend of her different styles plus those "Touch It"-ish synths!
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