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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dennis, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. You are biased but that's fine.
    My first Sade album was The Best Of and I only started getting her albums around the CD store boom of the early 00s - my mind was blown after each one revealed itself to me as for some dumb cig reason I considered her to be a singles artist before that.

    To go from thinking that to actually thinking her albums are like should food to me... growth.
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  2. I miss Sade (I never know whether to say “her” or “them” because both Sade Adu herself and the band as a unit are referred to as “Sade” nn) and need new music badly
  3. Has she seen her shadow yet?
  4. For me, calling them a band is acceptable and probably the right thing to do but not really fair to Sade who brought her voice, her face, her aesthetics, her ethos, her whole existence to the band.
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  5. Got a Feel No Pain CD single for pennies this week, in mint condition.

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  6. Logo change on Twitter and instagram...wishful thinking that this may be the year we hear something? Love Deluxe 2021 please.

    (Side note, these are the ugliest t-shirts I've seen in a long time).
  7. her face

    her talent

    her mind

    her Sadeyness
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  8. My 3" Love is Stronger Than Pride CD single finally turned up too. Woo.

    Straight onto the display shelf.
  9. Yeah these t-shirts are just NOT it.
  10. Does anyone know what Super Bien Total means or makes reference to?
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  11. I think it's just a remix name.
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  12. I really really need a new Sade album now.
  13. I don't think it's a remix, it's an instrumental b-side. I am reading too much into it as usual. It's probably just French for 'totally super good' as in Free Woman by Lady Gaga is totally super good.
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  14. While I'm sure it's technically French I think in this case it's Spanish. I can't explain it, but I can just hear it.
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  15. I think it's a dub remix of a song or you're right and it's a song they never get to finish. Their 2011 blog was also named after it so it's probably a name they like.
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  16. I clearly have time on my hands....Super Bien Total sampled here in 1992:

    This was produced by Pal Joey who also remixed Cherish The Day so that might be the link? I live for random useless niche pop information.
  17. The title 'Super Bien Total' gives me bootleg market sign or sign found in a Portuguese or Brazilian venue, something like that.
  18. Thats Spanish.
    Sade used to live in Madrid, right?
  19. It really is confusing. For the Grammys, she/they have been nominated for both Best Female Performance and Best Performance by a Duo/Group.
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