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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dennis, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. You really can't go wrong, but I'd probably say Lovers Rock is my favourite. Perfect to just have a glass of wine and relax to.
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  2. Thank you! Looking again and their discography isn’t too large at all, I’ll start from the beginning I think, can’t wait.
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  3. Thank me later
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  4. I'd say if you like Love Deluxe and it's the first thing you've heard, go chronologically from there, then back to the beginning. But it's all consistently amazing so you're not going to have any unpleasant surprises.
  5. Thanks guys! Figured it would be best to start from the top, will listen out for your recommendations and see how things go. I've just finished Diamond Life and I'm already in love tbh.
  6. I’d love to have been in this room:

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  7. Stronger Than Pride. But really, any and all of them. Lovers Rock continues the Love Deluxe vibe and takes it into the 21st century, but Stronger Than Pride is my equal favourite with Love Deluxe.
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  8. Ugh, you have so many gems to discover. Their discography really is top class, gorgeous throughout. I would say go chronologically because you will hear the evolution in the sound across the albums.

    But really, all of the albums have so many wonderful moments!
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  9. Diamond Life and Promise as sleek, glossy, mid 80s soul extravaganzas, then Stronger Than Pride offers the same but even better - you can tell touring internationally has opened up their material - with some rawer moments, a glimpse of what's to come. Love Deluxe is that rawer, minimalist masterpiece which brings Sade to the 90s a route Lovers Rock expands on. Soldier of Love is great to.
  10. Yeah I would say there is a strong connection between Diamond Life - Promise - Stronger Than Pride, more of a smooth funky soul and quiet storm, while I see a connection between Love Deluxe - Lovers Rock - Soldiers of Love. Those three are much more stripped back, really focused on the core of the song and the song structures are a bit more hazy.
  11. The way they dropped The Big Unknown - one of my fave songs by them EVER - and disappeared.

    OK a stunt
  12. I've listened to everything up until Soldier Of Love and I'm completely in love, whew. Hearing their progression as a band was a joy, and I think my favourites apart from Love Deluxe are Lovers Rock and Promise. Excited to hear the rest of their material!
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  13. Glad you enjoy it!! When you're finished I can also recommend Sweetback, they have two albums. It's the band members without Sade singing. Their self titled album is basically what I imagine a continuation of Love Deluxe would sound like, but instead it's with guest vocals from Maxwell and Amel Larrieux.
  14. How did I miss this?
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  15. !!! I love Amel!! Will definitely check it out, thank you!
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  16. Well, you have you're evening listening sorted then!! Actually recieved the reissue of their self titled on vinyl yesterday.
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  17. Then I think you'll enjoy it! it's a more electronic sound and feels very much in tune with Love Deluxe which is Sade's best album to me!
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  18. We've literally talked about this again and again!
    In your defence this did nothing in the UK back then while in Europe there was a bit of a press push.
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  19. #flopfan
  20. Watching the Love Deluxe videos this morning, they are all just so gorgeous, fashion, sensual, sleek. The sound and the image aligned so well in that era.

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