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Sailor Moon

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Hopefully there isn't another another thread on this. I used the search thread but couldn't see anything.

    Anyway, I LOVE Sailor Moon! Ever since I was a little kid, and I still love it to this day. I have watched both the Japanese and Dub versions and they are both dear to my heart. <3

    I own Japanese boxsets of Classic, S and SS. (It's a shame StarS wasn't released, but I thought it was the weakest season after SS anyway)

    So, who is your favorite Senshi/Scout? Best season? etc!

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  2. Re: Sailor Moon

    I am such a fanboy... Venus rules (Well my avatar gives this away...)

    I watched the dub when I was younger (after Pokemon was on in the morning...) but the Japanese original is amazing and so much is missed out/skimmed over in the dub. I have them all in the beautiful uncut edition boxset's (I also have the manga :3). I'm actually watching Sailor Stars the last season at the moment.
  3. Re: Sailor Moon

    I love Sailor Moon! I've only watched the first series though. The manga was more my thing.
  4. Re: Sailor Moon

    Haha! I love the first series. It's so nostalgic.

    I have about 6 volumes of the manga, but since it's gone out of print it is SO expensive and rare! So anyone who has the manga has a very valuable collection!

    Anyways, I loved Sailor Venus, but Sailor Moon and Saturn have to be my favourites. Usagi/Serena grows and matures so much during the course of each season, and I really grew attached to her. I love Hotaru/ Sailor Saturn because she was so soft spoken/ mysterious. I really felt for her During S. It's a shame she got shafted with so little screen time in the anime. She didn't even get a transformation sequence!
  5. Re: Sailor Moon

    I love this show, I watched it until they stopped dubbing it. Watching it now I find it so unintentionally hilarious but I took it very seriously when younger. I'm usually not a fan of main characters but Serena was amazing; Mercury and Luna were my favorites.

    I love how it got away with being so amazingly and unashamedly repetitive. The only plot related action seemed to just happen in the season finale's. It's nice being able to watch any random episode knowing I haven't missed much.
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  6. Re: Sailor Moon

    I adore Sailor Moon. I first watched it through the English dub, which I think is now shit in comparison to the Japanese one. They edited and censored it to death.
  7. Re: Sailor Moon

    Yes I hate watching the dub now. There is one scene in the first season where Rei slaps Serena and they completely botched it in the dub. I understand why they did, but its such a shame they scrapped Uranus and Neptunes original relationship as well, I love it.

    By the way you do get to see Sailor Saturns transformation in the video game, it's nothing spectacular though ...
  8. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Sailor Moon

    I used to get slagged for watching this when I was younger but I didn't care it was so amazing and now watching the original Japanese version back it just shits all over the dub.
    I always wanted to be a Sailor!
  9. Re: Sailor Moon

    Me and a friend suddenly remembered the theme tune to this the other day, so we started singing it haha.
  10. Re: Sailor Moon

    Sailor Venus >>>
  11. Re: Sailor Moon

    It's all about Jupiter people! Does anyone remember that little song that played, when Jupiter was explaining how she felt for best male friend? Love that song.
  12. Re: Sailor Moon

    Rainy Day man! haha


  13. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Sailor Moon

    I love all the sailors, I love Venus and her hair. I love Mercury, Mars and her bitchy attitude. I never actually have watched the ones with the lesbian Sailors, Neptune and Uranus if I am correct?

    Are they worth trying to dig up? They look it.
  14. Re: Sailor Moon

    You mean the 3rd Season, Sailor Moon S? If so YES! it is the best season BY FAR.

    Just don't watch the dub.. seriously.
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  16. Re: Sailor Moon

    Hahah, I remember that! I love it when her arm falls off, only to find out she has it insured.
  17. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Sailor Moon

    I grew up watching the dub and last summer I binged on the original. The difference is outstanding!

    I'm so going to try and find the episodes, they used to all be up on Youtube. Seem to be all gone, what a shame!
  18. Re: Sailor Moon

    The same happened to me. It makes me appreciate the original all the more. The death of the Sailor Scouts in the two part season 1 finale hit way harder than the butchered American one. Damn those DoomNGloom Girls!
  19. Re: Sailor Moon

    Don't even go there! I'll too sad! haha

    Sailor Venus's actress did a chilling performance during her respective death scene.. amazing.
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