Sailor Moon

I try to re-read the manga from time to time because I have a hard time remembering it. And I think that's simply because it's so fast and chaotic, nothing really sticks (there are some very good moments and side stories though). So to condense this into two movies per arc is not the way to go, I think.

Looking forward to the next reboot where they hopefully finally do the best of both worlds - the comedy, slice of life and thoughtful character development from the 90s anime and the more grown-up themes from the manga. Basically fully commit to what Sailor Moon S has started. That season to me is peak Sailor Moon across all its different versions.
Eternal was really good! Especially compared to the first 2 arcs of Crystal. I think a lot of people have a hard time with them doing frame by frame of the manga with little additions which is understandable, there's a very lush charm that the 90's anime had, but I love how the original story comes to life. The manga falls short on characterization because of the amount of chapters vs 200 episodes, but the story is so much stronger and definitely has less of a male gaze to it.

With Crystal I've learned my only expectations are the retelling of the manga. The first 2 arcs have low key dreadful animation lows that are embarrassing. The third was a huge upgrade, and I found Eternal to be even better. It seems like everyone has an expectation from what they wanted out of it- every forum I read each user has a very specific outcome they wanted from the show and I think when you hold on to such a personal expectation you're going to end up disappointed.

Stars is a bit messy, but I love how chaotic and dark it gets. It's like a frenzy of emotions and the 90's anime is just as chaotic, but with a very disappointing payout. It's like poor fan fiction. Hopefully they reel in the animation and flesh a few things out, but I can't see them going over the top with it.

Which honestly leads into Toei not giving the series the time of day it deserves, but I digress. They've handled Sailor Moon in a very lackluster way and they could be doing so much more.
It just shows a lack of effort to use the manga 1:1, when the medium clearly demands for an adaptation.

I also think it’s extremely lazy they just re-did all the attack animations, but they made them look worse, ddd. It feels the people at the top just don’t care much for the series.

I will still be watching this, though.
I'm pretty excited for this reboot to be almost behind us honestly. It hasn't done anything for me. But as someone who has never seen Stars (I know, I know)... I might just watch this adaptation since it'll be faster for me to do so.
There an amazing, feminist, introspective almost meta masterpiece buried in the final arc of the manga but it was so rushed and the execution poor that it leaves a lot to be desired. In the right hands with some proper fleshing out it could be amazing but for whatever reason Toei and/or Naoko just can’t be bothered to make it a reality.
Im surprised to see an announcement and even trailer this early on but looks like they've been working on Eternal and Cosmos back to back. Obviously this can just be a rough trailer but i guess its safe to say the designs from Eternal are here to stay. Its always cool to see more Sailor Moon and even though its my least favourite part of the manga (still - it has good moments) im happy too see it getting adapted into anime.

Also im kinda glad Crystal will finally be over because MAYBE, just maybe we could get something better later on??
Posted this in the J-pop thread but thought I’d post it here too because relevancey.

So.. apparently there’s a new girl group coming called SG5 made up of members from the group Happiness who are going to use the Sailor Moon IP to gain recognition in the West..? Their debut is apparently produced by BloodPop and there are rumors they will be producing songs for the last movie in the Crystal reboot, Cosmos.

I, uhh, this sounds like a bit of a mess, teebs. Nothing about their sound or image screams Sailor Moon.
Linking the entire documentary of how this was uncovered. It's an outstanding documentary with an extremely rewarding payoff in Part 2.

The alternative timeline in which this was greenlight and "succeeded"...(shudder)

Yeah, I can’t believe she was able to find it! Was a great watch.

Speaking of, apparently there was another Sailor Moon inspired 90’s ‘copycat’ called Team Angel and it’s equally as campy dd