Sailor Moon

Still quite a long way to go..
It's gonna be two movies again right?
Looking forward to Sailor Aluminum Siren & the other Animamates that weren't brought to life in the original Anime.
I’m going to hate watch but I truly can’t wait for it to be over. I wish nothing more for this IP to be taken from Naoko so somebody can do something exciting and of quality with it but I also know that has about a 1% chance of it ever happening.
The animation of Usagi on the rooftop... that's the best thing they could use for a trailer?
I'm thankful this reboot is over after that and we can get a new one in 15 years or so.
If y'all want another Sailor Moon experience and never watched it, give the live action series a go. It's a low budget MESS but in a campy, cheesy way that is way more endearing way than the stiff-lipped tone of the manga and Crystal, and it has some interesting divergences from the that and anime, with surprisingly well written characters and drama (for what it is). And it's super short.

And Princess Sailor Moon is a slay.

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I don’t think it looks that bad. The colors and background are probably best we’ve had for this reboot (which isn’t really saying much, but dd) The Starlights look fine. However they STILL can’t seem to get Usagi to look right which is really weird given she’s the main character.

More then the art and animation I’m more worried about the pacing and story of the movie. Eternal was just boring, especially the second half.
Somebody did an edit of the Cosmos trailer what it would like if the character designs were actually inspired by the manga. I really like it. Maybe for the next reboot we can finally get this?

It looks kinda weird. I follow them on Twitter and I think their talented but the manga faces with the anime proportions looks a bit off.
Oh I just realized they finally put the final season of the new dub of the original anime up on Hulu too.
As the only person in the universe who prefers dubs- It took them long enough to appease me.

I also still have not seen the final season. Fake fan.
he / him
I respect that they made the shoes similar to the actual scout's shoes rather than just generic boot/heel styles in their respective colours.
I didn't notice that until you pointed it out. That was a good design choice. The only pair that don't bear a resemblance to the Sailor Scout counterpart is Sailor Mercury's, but if they had, they'd just be a blue version of Sailor Moon's boots.
And what's that at the bottom about two new songs?
Honey Dijon dropped a two track EP on vinyl for the collaboration, "Sun" and "Moon." Unfortunately, it seems to be a vinyl exclusive.
I kinda love all the designs. They’re all wearable but pay great homage.

The Luna accessories, key chain, phone cases and purses are so so nice! I’d buy them.
But I’m 500 euros short for any of those, ddd.