Sailor Moon

I really want a compact mirror that looks like one of her transformation brooches, but I can't find one that isn't wildly overpriced.
So.. quite a few ‘character’ teasers have been released the past few months. I won’t link them all, but

The animation so far looks a lot better than anything we’ve gotten so far! Eternal also tricked us by putting the best stuff in the trailers but the transformations alone all look to be of a better standard than anything in that movie. Maybe the change of director helped after all. The movies are gonna be the same length as Eternal though so the pacing will probably be terrible but if it’s even just a little more of a visual spectacle then that will hopefully help distract me from the mess dd
I'm just so ready for this saga of Sailor Moon Crystal & it's extended films to be over.
By the time this has all been said and done, this has been a NINE year long project. And here we are, still saying things along the lines of "Wow, This looks a little bit better finally!". This entire effort was a complete waste of time in my opinion that added nothing of value to the Sailor Moon franchise or it's fans. So many ugly designs, cost cutting techniques, terrible animation and long waits for the next installment. I literally could have done without. Sorry for the salty post. I'm just so disappointed and have been. The lack of detail and love is abundant and abhorrent. Like how are you going to waste nine years of time to create a show and films that look worse than the shows and films that came out thirty years ago?

Dragonball was releasing Dragonball Super films and the anime around the same time Crystal was starting and to be honest, the animation on that was also a little rough at the beginning and also had to improve a bit over time. But it was all new content, fans were excited and well fed. Last year, they released a new Dragonball film, once again, new content, and it went on to be the second highest grossing Dragonball film (and I think the highest grossing was also one of the ones released after Super started)
To me, it feels unfair we don't live in a world where Sailor Moon isn't getting new content and record breaking numbers too. And instead we get the same thirty year old story and in mediocre animation quality... for what.

Okay, anyways...
The problem isn’t just the animation but the poor writing and pacing, too. Fans, over the years, seemed to put the manga on a pedestal as some sort of holy grail but in fact, Naoko just isn’t that much of a talented writer. Some of it could be her writing on a deadline, rushing things out of pure necessity but it that case, Crystal was the perfect time for her to rectify all those things and work in tandem with Toei. Instead what we got is a limp 1:1 adaptation made wholly worse by the woeful animation.

PGSM proved they could modernize the story, add much needed character development and not just make it a product of a by-gone era. And that’s what is so frustrating about the reboot. There is some fascinating lore in the manga that begs to be explored more, characters that deserve to be fleshed out and yet.. we got none of that.

Unfortunately Naoko and Toei will probably never dole out the rights to another studio. I think there are probably a whole load of licensing and rights issues tied up in that. The only thing I can hope is that they learned their lesson from this and do something exciting with the IP in the future but.. the damage has been done. Eternal flopped hard in Japan and Sailor Moon, while still a household name is basically a Naoko vanity project by this point. People will always be wary of new projects from this IP from now on, I’m afraid.
Looks like we will be getting two new transformations for Moon for.. reasons. I much prefer the 90’s homage but I guess this is fine, too?

Transformation 1

Transformation 2

They really tried it with the ‘Sailor Moon’ chanting in the BGM but the composer doesn’t exactly have the rage like Arisawa dd