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Sailor Moon

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.

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    Is this a fandub? The voice acting is awful!
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    No thats just how bad the dub was...

    I'm so excited, I've just found out they are re-releasing the manga later in the year!

  3. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Sailor Moon

    I was just watching that scene, so sad. When I saw it I could hardly believe my eyes, I never expected it which made it that more emotional.

    Rei was amazing, she used every last bit of her strength. Awh, I love this show so much. I would love a R2 boxset with English subtitles, that is heaven right there.

    I think they changed voice actors for the third season, it sounds like a piss-take. I never get why Serena sounded like she always had a sore throat.
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    I remember watching a couple of episodes of the Cloverway dub but I didn't remember it being THAT bad.
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    There are no words to describe how thankful I am Resi12 for this! It's simply amazing.
  6. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Sailor Moon

    Your all more than welcome, just glad I get to share them with people who enjoy them as much as I do!
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    SuperS was the best season. Hands down.
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    Did everyone fancy Darien back in the day? Even now I still feel something for him. He's the perfect man.
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    I used to think SuperS was so boring when I first watched it. No Outer Senshi or anything. However I have grown to appreciate it and the filler is pretty good in that season.

    Classic and S are by far my favourites, though.

    And hmm, never really had a crush on Darien, guess I was too young, haha. Sailor Mercury always used to my my favourite Sailor as a kid, although she's like my least fav now!
  10. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Sailor Moon

    I've just started R and the first monster wrecks my brain. VAMPIRE, VAMPIRE, VAMPIRE!

    Thanks to Jawshx though, I forgot how much I loved this show.
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    I always loved SuperS just because I found it to be the most "magical" season. It had a circus, a focus on dreams, mirrors, carnivals, festivals, bright characters and nearly everything else you'd like to see as a kid, which is why I've always liked it is a kid. Although they could have done a much better job of adding relevance to it. The manga was far more consistent.

    S & SuperS are the best seasons for me.
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    <3 No problem.

    Hahaha, I've been watching R, too. I *love* episode 68, where the Senshi strut in and fight against the Black Moon gang and Ai No Senshi plays in the background.

    I agree. I wish they'd included some of the stuff from the manga, too. Like the Amazon Quartet actually being Sailor Senshi in the future, and the inclusion of the Outers, too. Would've been perfect then!

    I've been watching all the Seasons though, and I never realised how much the art improves from the first season. I mean, look at this!

  13. 3Xs


    Re: Sailor Moon

    So this I've been planning to fully watch the Sailor Moon anime this summer, and I was just coming in here to ask if I should watch the English dub or the subtitled version of the original Japanese show (I've found both online), but judging by what I've read in here so far it seems pretty unanimous that the Japanese version is way better! hahaha. Looks like I'll be watching that.

    Anyway, I'm starting all the way with season 1 episode 1!
  14. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Sailor Moon

    OK, even though the DiC dub has a special place in my heart I would not watch it over again. It's aimed at 10 year old's and because of that it is heavily edited for that audience and watching it now is a bit unbearable. Death scenes, any talk of sex, gay characters, cursing and the story itself were all heavily changed to make it simpler for said audience.

    Also from S (3rd season) on, the characters all changed voices and they were horrible so I do not see how you could bear listening to them for the last 3 seasons. An example of Mercury's flawless DiC dubbed voice and then the other one:

    Yeah sorry, I don't get to talk Sailor Moon at all so I am rambling here. In short yes, use the Japanese version to enjoy one of the greatest ainme's ever! Good luck. x
  15. 3Xs


    Re: Sailor Moon

    ^Hahaha, thanks!

    And yeah I was reading on Wikipedia all of the changes they made between the original and the English version and parts made it seem like 2 different shows! I can understand that some of it might not be appropriate for kids, but that whole "Sailor Says" shit looks really stupid.

    Anyway, I'm off to watch!
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    Enjoy, 3xs! Haha

    I absoloutly love Sailor Moon. It's a staple of my childhood, so I have fond memories of the dub, but the Japanese version obviosuly blows it out of the water in almost every single way.

    The dub is HILLARIOUS, though.

    One of my favourite dub episode, so many quotable lines:

    "I'm feeling so awkward, I can't believe I lost control all because of that DELICIOUS thing the humans call cake! AHAHAHAHHUHHHUHUHHHHH... HEHE... HUHUH"

    "This is very strange."

    "Let's Boogie, Rini!"

    "So Miss Bag Hands, take your punishment in the name of the moon!"

    "Her inside his soft like Jelly and can easily be trashed"

    "Hahaha, You use sweets to make decay when really they are emant to make people happy! You tainted all of their sweet moments instead, didn't you?! Sweets can be used to melt away troubles for awhile but there are also times when sweets can melt themselves!"


    Hahaha, I got a bit carried away, but it's so cheesey and hillarious!
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    HAHA the dub always has me in hysterics "Maybe he's trying to tell me that because she's made of cake my mercury power might work! *temporarily becomes british(?)*"

    And then when Miss Bag hands limply throws that marzipan haha

    "Stop flirting with him ya tawdry turnip!" Amazing.
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  18. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

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