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Sailor Moon

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.

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    Hahaha, Tawdry Turnip, thanks for reminding me of that line I missed, big bang! haha

    Anyways, yeah I always HATED the CWI dub voices of Moon and Mercury. However, I think the new (I say new, but it's like 10 years ago now, haha) voice for Rini/Chibi Usa was waayy better than the one they used in Sailor Moon R.

    I loved Mercury's first voice actress, she delivered her lines with such power! I loved her delivery of "MERCURYYY BUBBLES.. BLAAAAAST" and her British twinge when she said "Shiiiyne aquahh ILLEWSHOONN" haha

    Was her voice meant to sound slightly British? I mean it sounds sort of American.. but not really at the same time.
  2. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Sailor Moon

    God who knew what was going with DiC or where they thought they were in the show. Remember that lesbian artist in the first Season who sounded like she was from Tennessee?

    I have to admit I did love Mercury's first voice, I think everyone does but it baffles me then how they got it so right for her and so wrong for Sailor Moon.
  3. Re: Sailor Moon

    HAHA, yes! the animator. God she was scary. Her accent was worse than Molly's!
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    God, I used to be obsessed with Sailor Moon! I was so pissed when Fox Kids didn't show Sailor Moon S here in the UK that I sent them an e-mail from a school computer threatening them.

    Anyway, I never watched the American version since then and stuck with the Japanese w/English subs. So good!

    My favourites are the Outers (Uranus and Pluto in particular) plus Star Fighter.

    Also, I have never read the Manga books but they're being re-released later this year, looking forward to getting them.
  5. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Sailor Moon

    SAME! I was so pissed off, in fact I am just watching S now and from here on out it is all new for me. SO happy about that.

    I thought R was the last season for ages because of them.
  6. Re: Sailor Moon

    God, I remember going on the Fox Kids forum and lurking there and finding out about the new seasons.

    I vaguely remember them advertising Sailor Moon S on Fox Kids, but they never actually aired it. Weird

    They also played it on ITV for a little while, only like 10 episodes, though.

    I miss Sailro Moon on TV!
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    I was just about to fall off my chair when I read these! Hilarious.

    I always have the unpopular opinion of liking the dub. (especially the cloverway dub) I actually really liked the new voices, but I think some could have improved. One thing I absolutely loved about "Serena's" new voice was the S finale. The part where she is screaming trying to transform and more specifically screaming "Why?!" ( over and over) is so captivating and full of emotion. But in general terms, yes, the original Japanese version is better no doubt.
  8. 3Xs


    Re: Sailor Moon

    Fully enthralled with season 1 at the moment. It keeps getting juicer and juicer!
  9. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Sailor Moon

    Loving this! What episode are you on?

    Oh my God in referral to the lesbian artist, the abridged series has me in convulsions from their take on her:

    "Look with your eyes, not with your hands!!" - I'm crying with laughter.
    TATU at the end, I actually can't..
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    Oh Resi, I love your new avatar.

    And I love that you're getting into Sailor Moon too, 3xs, it really only gets better after the first season. S and Stars are so full of drama, they are amazing.
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    The abridged series is the single best thing to happen to Sailor Moon in the last ten years.

    You can really tell they are hardcore fans, which makes the whole thing so, so much better.
  12. Re: Sailor Moon

    Sailor Moon needs an anime remake of the first season atleast.. none of that PGSM shit.
  13. Re: Sailor Moon

    I love that there are so many lingering SM stans on PopJustice!
  14. Re: Sailor Moon

    I've been a huge Sailor Moon Stan since the Fox Kids days when I was like 8. haha

    When I first saw the name on Sky I was like "Sailors.. on the moon? This sounds lame.." Little did I know that I would still be watching it and loving it more than 10 years later!
  15. Re: Sailor Moon

    Oh my God....I'm a Sailor freak since 1995! LOVE LOVE LOVE
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    I would argue that Sailor Moon is the best thing (culturally) to ever come out of Japan. Seriously.

    The story, the characters, everything just resonates in such a fantastically nostalgic way with so many people.

    No one watches fucking pokemon anymore do they.
  17. 3Xs


    Re: Sailor Moon

    Just finished episode 41! I'm about to watch 'Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love'.

    No but they still play the games. Pokemon was always more about the games than the anime, I thought.
  18. Re: Sailor Moon

    I know, but I think the anime will be remembered long after the games. I can still remember much more about the TV show than the games.

    I just don't think it holds that magical nostalgic quality that Sailor Moon still has.
  19. 3Xs


    Re: Sailor Moon

    I'd argue the Pokemon games hold much more nostalgic value than Sailor Moon and that they'll be remembered for a much longer time. Sailor Moon was popular and broke ground but Pokemon was truly a worldwide phenomenon and is still extremely popular to this day.

    But this is all very off topic! haha
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