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Sailor Moon

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.

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    "Sailor Kick!"

    For that reason, Mina is my favorite scout.
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    Can anyone tell me why Sailor Saturn does not have transformation stick thingy? Because of this she's my least favourite outer senshi (I know she's actually the most powerful... I think).
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    Sailor Saturn transformation and stick was never shown in the anime. It was made for one of the games though.
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    I wonder if this series will EVER be continued? It was so good and such a success....
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    I haven't seen this show since I was like 7. This thread is making me want to hunt it down when I get home.

    While I'm at it, I'll also try to find Ranma 1/2 and Evangelion. I already own Tenchi Muyo OVA although it's been collecting dust for almost ten years now (along with poor Blue Seed........)

    Long live the 90s!
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    Just watch the new Evangelion movies? They're remakes of the first series I believe and randomly depressing
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    I love Evangelion, one of my favourite anime ever. The last few episodes, combined with the movie are incredible.

    (Should we have an anime thread for stuff other than Sailor Moon?) haha
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    Who is your favourite sailor? Mine are Ami/Mercury and Michiru/Neptune.
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    I'll check those out too. I need as much Rei Ayanami exposure as possible.
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    The two that have been released so far are literally some of the most morbid and bleak films I have ever seen.

    Literally no happiness to be seen. ANYWHERE
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    Haha and i LOVE both movies!
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    Tut tut, nobody puts Tenchi on a shelf and leaves him, Ryoko and Ayeka will not be pleased. You have got to love 90s anime, pretty much all of my favourite animes are frfom the 90's (DBZ, Gundam Wing, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tenchi Muyo and of course Sailor Moon among many others). Really wish they would release Sailor Moon on DVD in the UK, it is hell trying to find it on DVD now. My anime collection demands it for completions sake.
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    Today im starting SM another story! Excited!
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    Mercury's part is like treading through hell. You'll have to train a lot in certain parts. But it's very cute and fun.
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    Hahaha im exactly at this point! Fighting this Nabu,shes damn strong. But i love the game,it really have that soul of anime and manga!
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    My favorite Sailor Scout was Venus. Reading through this thread made me go find episodes to watch online. I remember rushing home from school when I was 7 to catch the episodes on Toonami/Cartoon Network.
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    Wow in 2012 Sailor Moon will have 20 years! Yet there still PLENTY of people who loves it around the world,run fansites etc.
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    I was wondering why the abridged series hadn't updated in a while, and it's because they're making a live action movie! haha
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    Loving the luna pen in Eric pockets!
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