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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.

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    All the later parts are the like that. It was actually what I disliked the most about the manga.
  2. Right? I feel like literally all I know about Michiru in Crystal is that she likes to play the violin

    That is why a 1.1 adaptation just isn't a good fit for a show like Sailor Moon. The manga is over 25 years old and parts of it just don't really hold up in 2016. It is really frustrating as well because I feel like the Sailor Moon universe is a bit like Pokemon in that it is literally oozing with potential that has just never been fufilled due do various reasons.

    The mythology of the manga is facinating, and they could make it into so much more in Crystal if they wanted to. Like, the manga has some really great and interesting ideas, but none of it is really fleshed out or developed enough. I am guessing because Naoko had to rush through everything.

    Oppositely, the 90's anime is obviously a classic in its own campy, adorable way. It had the whole slice of life thing going for it which is one of the reasons it is so popular even now. However it was also lacking in a lot of other aspects.

    In an ideal world Crystal would be a sort of hybrid of the manga and original anime, taking the best of both while adding in modern sensibilities and not being a total slave to tradition. Unfortunately I don't see this happening while our good sis Toei has the license.
  3. Sailor Saturn was fierce!
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    Completely fell in love with her this time around.
    Is there any chance they'll give up the license at some point in time? I'm not sure how these licenses work and how they are renewed. It's such a profitable franchise, though, and really, Crystal was just a way to milk it even further with the least effort possible.
  5. Recently i watched few old episodes of the 90s SM, havent seen them in a while and i wanted to see how will it feel after sticking just with Crystal for a while. Watched few random ones (few R, S and SuperS) and... gosh the old show has so much PERSONALITY! Its crazy how good and lively it feels. Crystal seems so much more shallow in comparison to the wide range of all kinds of shades/flavours/emotions of the 90s anime.

    Im not trying to hate on Crystal too much because there are aspects i like more in there like Usagi and Mamoru are a better match, Chibiusa is a sweetheart (though i realised how much i missed her 90s attitude), Pluto's role in second arc, Saturn having a better final scenes in season 3 etc But overall the 90s really make me feel the show so much more and on many more levels
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    This is pretty cool.

    She also met Naoko!


  7. The OST is out and i absolutely love it! So many amazing tracks
  8. Has anyone seen this? It's basically one of Sailor Moon's episodes re-animated frame by frame by over 300 animators:

    Some of it looks absolutely incredible. I think there's a different video made in 2014 as well.
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    At first I thought it looked quite jarring, but it is really incredible, and I was amazed and entertained by some of the styles used.
  10. Yeah I've seen and watched it already, as well as the other one. I think it looks absolutely brilliant and it's very fun to watch.

    Hopefully they'll do more episodes in the future!
  11. It's so crazy this whole journey started with the 20th anniversary. No wonder it feels like it's gone on forever because it has!!
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  12. The Blu Ray sets of the 90s anime are pretty:


  13. The first one is great if you get the chance.

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    Can they up the budget? Please! It could be great if they don't do the arc frame by frame.

    Season 3 was a step in the right direction. And the Dream Arc is quite different from the anime, so it'll be nice to see it.
  15. New info on Season 4 of Crystal to be revealed on June 30th (Usagi's and Chibiusa's Birthday event)
  16. I'm so ready for the new season. It's almost been a year since season 3 ended...
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    I hope they really invest a bit more money. The infinity arc was quite good and even great in parts.

    Can they just maybe invest a bit in fighting animation?
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    Oh dear, haha.

    If they at least give it good budget, I would be up for it.

    But watch it still use the same transformations and choppy animation.
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