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Sailor Moon

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Im torn, im afraid about the cut outs but the quality should be really good so...
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    I hope it follows the manga but takes the liberty in streamlining and changing some things.
  3. Does anyone have the new DVDs/Blu Rays that were released for the original anime (first three seasons so far)? Apparently people are not happy with the US version because of the picture quality but I personally don't really see much of a difference when looking at comparisons and in fact the US version seems to have more color. I buy Region 1 DVDs because I hate the PAL speed up.
  4. So when is someone doing a Sailor Moon rate here?!?!

    Not that I'm craving one really bad or anything...
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  5. I am rewatching Sailor Moon S and the last episodes are great, they set such a dark tone, it is definitely the best season.

    Fluffy but with an edge.

    I am curious to see how the Dream Arc unfold in two movies, it is a bit of a strange move, I hope they'll do also the last arc, since it is pretty good in its manga form.
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  6. Is there any news on this movie? It’s been 2 years since Season 3 this spring??
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    Dream Arc will be two movies?
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  9. Some time ago SM official page announced that Chiaki Kon (director of S3 and the upcoming movies) and Osabu will be on Anime Matsuri 2018 (end of March) so possibly we will be getting some info by then. The composer of OST for the first 3 seasons of Crystal also implied several times he's working on new SM music.
    There's also this

    Nobody knows if its real but its possible. First part would be titled Solar Eclipse Dream

    Also there's this the 4D Sailor Moon attraction at Universal Studios Japan in 2018

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  10. So thats how it looks. Quite nice if you dont mmind CGI. Love the new music by the way, hope it will be released at some point as a part of some OST.

  11. But we NEED the 4D Sailor Moon experience at the US Universal Studios. FIX IT, @Island @aaronhansome
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    For a moment I thought it was the Dream Arc, I was like: what the fuck.

    But it looks pretty cool for an attraction. Also, I've always wanted to see the senshi fighting that way.
  13. That was the one thing the first part of SMC had going for it, but then they scratched it when they changed to different animation style.

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    Yeah, I remember. It was all too stiff with that style of animation and the low budget though. But I liked the intentions.
  15. It's criminal that there isn't a Sailor Moon RPG game. Like a new one.
  16. I wish they'd do one. Im not gonna lie i would love if they released a remake of Another Story including Dead Moon Circus and Shadow Galactica arcs as a post game. SM had many games but only Another Story was sooo good.
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    It was! So difficult though. I died so many times.
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  18. Its incredible how they were able to come up wth new enemies, tie them into the lore of SM, tackle all three seasons of SM, all enemies (bar Doom Tree arc), many side characters, even expand on some aspects (Queen Beryl, Shitennou) aswell as include all senshi and sill made it all work together.
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    I just downloaded it again, kii.
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  20. Once you get past Sailor Mercury’s mission it’s actually not you bad. You never know when you’ll walk into some extremely hard battles though. That can be pretty annoying.
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