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Sailor Moon

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. So I’ve (finally) decided to give Crystal season 3 a go.. I half watched season 1 and then never got back to it

    Sailor Moon S is my favourite of the original so it’s interesting to see a new take on the story. I’m only 3 episodes in but I’m enjoying it

    Just to add to the other conversation going on Another Story is really good and that soundtrack is everything!
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  2. He


    Season 3 really did well for the most part. And the quality wasn’t bad.

    I hope the movies improve on it.

    Another Story’s unchanging soundtrack is doing my head in at the moment.
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  3. WELL

    Osabu and Chiaki Kon were at Anime Matsuri and stated that they just started work on the movies and they should be ready in 1-2 years.... Apparently screenwriting is taking a long time (which i can understand, SM never did a whole arc in two movies).

    Even though thats frustrating as hell i still think we might get first movie faster, afterall they said 1-2 years about two movies. Hopefully first movie will come faster and its good that they confirmed the production finally started. Hopefully we learn more at Usagi/Chibiusa birthday (which often have news).

    Lets cheer up with some classy laugh

  4. Oh yeah the OST is brilliant. Here are some of my faves

  5. I'm in need of some new Sailor Moon :( As poor as Sailor Moon Crystal could be at times Season 3 was definitely enjoyable and a step in the right direction. I hate that Toei really doesn't care about the series.
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  6. I wish that after the Dreams arc movies, we get the Stars aga, which is incredible, that ending is great!

    And I want justice for Sailor Cosmos, who was utterly ignored in the OG anime
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  7. I have no interest in the Stars Arc with Crystal budget. It will be a hot mess and not the good kind.
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  8. I misread and thought it was gonna be info on Crystal’s Dream arc.

    The disappointment
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  9. I remember my niece had an obsession with the Outer Scouts when she was little having only seen eps with the inner scouts. I finally managed to get her a DVD set that featured them and she was so happy. She's now 21 ahhh memories.
  10. Honestly the fact that they wanted to use this in Sailor Stars and never did...


    Instead of the Eternal Sailor Moon fuku (which despite the hate it gets, I love so much, it's so extra and I love the wings!)
  11. I am still so pressed that the next arc will be made into movies, I need new Sailor Moon in my life, NOW
  12. I'd never seen that before! It's gorgeous!

    I can't believe that from next week, it's been 2 years since Season 3 ended!!
  13. Kazuko Tadano (first two seasons of 90s anime and R movie) will be the character designer for Crystal movies!!!

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  14. I mean... work I guess? (Ikuko Itoh would have been the dream, but..)

    This whole project is just so messy though I can't. They start the project saying they want to adhere to the manga's original aesthetic. then when that failed they went with Precure.. and now they are are hiring the character designer for the original anime? Let's not even mention how messy their distribution methods have been. Crystal at this point feels so disjointed on so many levels.

    I mean there wasn't even a hint of a release date, nor an image. As a huge fan of Sailor Moon I am always going to be looking forward to it but it's kind of hard to be hyped when we have literally nothing to go off.
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  15. He


    They really disrespected the franchise by not investing in a proper reboot and adaptation.

    Season 3 was good, but it had potential to be so much more.
  16. That's what is sad about this revival. It has literally -no- planning or forethought. Literally just one bad decision after another. There was so much hype around the Sailor Moon Crystal project and it feels like Toei, the committee or whoever is behind this relaunch did everything they could to sabotage it. A decent, well thought out and produced revival of the show, and not just a one for one adaptation of the manga I feel could have properly revived the franchise, ala how Dragon Ball has had a big resurgence in recent years.

    But even with the poor start, as you said, season 3 was a step in the right direction and righted a lot of the mistakes from the first 2 seasons... but then there was nothing. And it's been over 2 years since then. Any hype that was there feels like it's gone. I feel like the only people here for Crystal now are only the very die hard fans. And Toei has no one to blame but themselves for such poor treatment of one of their flagship titles.
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  17. Yeah they fucked up big time allthough i think that good quality movies can bring back a least some of the old hype
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  18. It’s just kind of sad that the 20th anniversary was 6 years ago. My interest in this project is about as non-existent as a new moon on a clear night.
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  19. Is it lame that I can’t wait for the Viz dub of Sailor Stars so I can have an English version of Search For Your Love?

    Actually don’t answer that
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